How does it feel being in love?

How does it feel being in love

I used to ask myself: How does it feel being in love? But now, I know. I tell you now what love can do to you. I tell you so many things, you can read them at a first sight or between the lines. No, no, no. It’s not what you think. It’s not that kind of teenage love. It’s something serious, something that will last for the rest of my life. I’m so in love I want to fly to touch the heart-shaped cloud.

How does it feel being in love with the world?

I love the sky. Grey, blue, black, I love him in every color. I love the Sun even when it burns my skin and I can’t sleep properly. I love the Moon even when it’s not there and leaves me alone to cry myself to sleep. I love trees even when they attract lightings. I love nature.

I love people. I can’t love something more than I love the passion from people’s eyes when they talk about the things they love. I love honest and confused smiles. And OH MY GOD, how much I love sincerity.

I love midnight conversations when both of us are so real and we forget about games, rules, and pride.

I love when people express love through phrases like `Take care`, `You’re so dumb`, `I’ll wait for you` and `I’m here`. I adore love, it makes me so happy. I love to hear the laughter of a person after she cried because someone else hasn’t known how to appreciate it. Bad people, only bad people can make others cry. I love it when you love each other.

You’re so beautiful, everything blossoms, but shortly after it just dies…

Anybody can grow a plant, but few know how to make it blossom.

I love, dear people, I love so much your nature, humanity. I love small acts of kindness, I love that when he was thinking of me he used to come with a red rose because he knew I would keep it between the pages of my favorite books. I love promises. I love tears from broken promises.

I love. But do I love him?

No, I don’t love him. I’m in love. With him? No. There’s something I can’t love about him. Something in his eyes stops me to drown in that ocean blue. It’s not fear, it’s just the absence of love. An abyss. Dark. Cold. Unsure. When my wings will widen and convince me to jump, then I’ll be the Queen of the Damned, his queen. And then I will love the world, but I will love him more.

Until then, I love the world, but without him.

How does it feel being in love



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