How do women with big boobs survive in society?


If you haven’t already noticed from the title what this article is all about, I have to announce to you that our main focus is, as usual, the woman and her big soul. How do women with big souls survive in nowadays’ society? Let’s find out together!

The most beautiful being ever created by God or any other god. There’s a reason why the goddess of beauty is a woman and not a man, don’t you think? At least they can see we’re better at that. It doesn’t mean that we’re not good in other fields, no way. But we let them think that and believe the lies they tell to themselves.

It doesn’t matter that what you want is a well-paid job or just a concert ticket, the employer or the seller will always look down on you.

Directly into your soul.

A nice cleavage has always helped in never-ending waiting lines or in the bar where you have to wait an eternity to get some water – because you’re a lady and it’s inappropriate to drink anything else, in some people’s opinion. You’ve always had a way out, something that saved you and opened you many doors and maybe even souls.

Women can have extremely many roles in our society: to be mothers, lovers, CEO’s, dentists and even army soldiers. We are strong and we can be whoever we want and achieve as much as we want with a little work and perseverance. But sometimes, the doors are closed in our faces when we need them the most? Why? Because of our “big souls”.

If you want to get the director’s place at a firm, be careful because you have to hide your feminity and run away if another woman has to tell you “yes”. You can’t be better than her. But if the boss is a man, well… things change a little. You need to be as natural as possible while showing your unforgettable “soul”.

That’s how you get to the top. The top of the unemployed.

As you may well know, the biggest powers in the world are led by men, just as the greatest physicists, astronauts and successful writers.

Oh, yes! You took almost everything from us. But you know what they say,  behind every successful man is a strong woman.

Of course, she’s strong. Because she has to hide her body when she walks down the street and not let her “soul” be seen. Because otherwise, she’d have to deal with unwanted glances from everyone around her – out of jealousy, admiration or plain curiosity. An insistent curiosity that, at some point, becomes annoying.

It’s her fault!

As a woman, you should feel helpless in front of a well-built man or even a weaker one, because if you don’t obey them, you’ll have no idea what hit you, as they say. You’re harassed, voluntary or even involuntary.

It’s impossible for a woman to never have received a text from a random guy, saying “Hi, baby, what a nice soul you have”. Or maybe, you’ve been to a club with your girlfriends and “by mistake”, the guy next to you touched your majestic curves. But of course, he forgot to apologize, because it was accidental anyway, right?

It’s your fault for wearing a top that shows your cleavage or a skirt that’s too short in some people’s opinion. However, if you don’t, you’ll be considered a prude.

You better teleport yourself at home.

Women can relate to this. You were going home one night, but you were too scared to walk because of all the creeps that wander around. And so, you take a cab. You want to be safe or at least, you should be. You start to doubt that after a few moments in the taxi when the driver starts talking.

So you give him the address and boom! He says something that scratches your eardrum. “Do you use toys?” At first, you think he’s talking on the phone. You hesitate and don’t answer because you don’t want to seem weird but then, he repeats the question.

What can you do? You give him a simple and prompt answer, but his questions become more and more insistent and at that moment, you wish you’d teleported yourself at home.

Eventually, it ends and when you arrive home, you thank all gods that you’re finally safe.

How do women with “big souls” survive in society? They treat every day as a survival mission.

You escape but at the same time, you’re still not free, you’re captive in a world where being a big-chested woman can turn you into a victim of physical abuse, obviously difficult to escape from.


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