How can you find your place in the world?


We all ask ourselves every day what our purpose is, if we do what we should or, more importantly, if we do what we do the right way. There isn’t a day passing by in which I don’t ask myself all these questions. I came to the conclusion that I know too little about me and I will not know my place until I get to know myself. Personal development, though, is probably the most interesting journey that a person can take in order to learn about what values should they aim for. So… How can you find your place in the world?

I’m already prepared to hit the road, how about you?

First of all, to get to know yourself and to develop, you need to discover what you like to do. Passions are the start of this trip.  If you don’t like to do anything or you didn’t try anything specific, it’s time to get out of bed and run towards what your heart desires: painting, technical drawing, music, photography, reading, cooking, anything is extra curriculum and makes you feel good.

Personal development is everywhere. Practically everything that makes you better at something – a class, an exercise or even a break can be considered a part of your evolution.

Besides passions, you must discover how to create connections with people and nature. Humans long for contact. Discover what kind of people you want to have by your side, as people around you help you more than you think in the process to know yourself. The key to knowledge is to try out many things, experiment, meet people, do things that you are afraid of, get out of your bubble, smash it, destroy it.

You can’t light a fire only with sticks, without sustained effort.

Laziness won’t take you anywhere, maybe just back in bed! Do something good for you and don’t say “I’ll do this tomorrow” anymore, believe me, you will feel better afterward.

How to find your place in the world?

Now that you’re up, let’s talk a bit! It’s a long way ahead, there’s how can you find your place in the world! little introspection didn’t kill anyone. Think about how many options life gives you, think about the fact that you will not be always in your comfort zone. At some point you will be alone in the world, you will be a full-time adult. You will be disoriented and I don’t think you want this. Try to discover what you are good at, what you would like to offer to the world, what you would like to offer to yourself. Find something you want to do and fight for it, fight for you. Don’t forget about the fact that you have rights, you have the right to express yourself, you have the right to think. You have the right to make your own choices and at the same time view the consequences of your actions.

Be decided, but don’t get carried away!

Don’t forget that you are not isolated, you are not Robinson Crusoe and you’re not in “The Walking Dead” neither.  Everyone is trying to get to know themselves, not just you. In other words, be great and keep in mind that everybody fights the same fight just like you.

How to find your place in the world? Take it e easy first.

Find your values. Live by principles.

To get to know yourself means defining yourself. If you want to find out who you are, try to find the rules that you want to live by. Do I want to shine bright and spread light around me or do I want to abide by nothing and no one? You choose if you want to go by morality and to pave your way with principles. You choose to be human with yourself and with the people around you.

Make a human out of you! Know yourself first and then let others discover you.

Personal development means, in short, to innovate yourself. As days go by, try to discover yourself as much as you can, put yourself in situations you’ve never been through before. Discover that you can feel a multitude of feelings that you never felt before. Live a lot, feel everything that must be felt. Your body is a prison and your mind is a paradise, build a bridge between them, explore paradise and you will feel like home in that prison. That’s how you can find your place in the world, I hope you enjoyed the trip!

Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from discovering yourself, climb the mountain of self-knowledge and self-development. Don’t be afraid of avalanches, you will push through in spite of them.

If you want to know more about how to handle life and how to develop yourself, I have the solution. You can check this article! 


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