How can music change your life?

How can music change your life
How can music change your life

Music is the story of our experiences, it is the one that can influence our mood in an amazing way, and the best example is our soul. Why? Because it seeps into our heart when we need it most. Let’s talk about how music can change your life.
Do you guys know … when you get the feeling that you are out of your mind or that your life is over? Then you listen to that song that motivates you even though it’s a sad one. Has our love struck us and have we reached our hearts too? We get to listen to music about love, and this activates the hormones of happiness and that euphoric moment making us feel ecstatic. So, how can music change your life?

We connect with its music and vibrations.

Each part of the body is influenced by frequencies
The lower ones put into operation your legs, the middle ones the hip and the pelvis, and the high ones the upper limbs. Personally I had so many personality changes that I went through all possible musical genres, excluding our romanian gipsy music that some listen to at parties. But don’t worry … I will also talk about this type of “music” that you hit at any corner. Why did I put it in quotes? Let’s start with the beggining. Music is more than words or sounds that sound good. At its base is a special culture, and I will never see that in our gipsy music.

Culture is the combination of human knowledge, beliefs and social norms that we adopt and pass on to the next generations.

It is the main socializing factor that regulates various spheres of interaction between people, starting with daily communication. It is a musical style that is in the subculture area. I do not judge people who listen to it, but I cannot be around them. One reason is that their thinking doesn’t fit mine at all. Do not misunderstand … I know that parties are put to “better fun” in the words of all. I’m talking now about people listening at home in headphones or in the car. I only had negative experiences with these people. Why? They spoke incorrectly, swore at every sentence, threw shells of seeds and chewed gum. As I said before, these are not part of the sphere of culture. I tried to accept everyone, ignoring them. But I see them everywhere. And then I think about … why is society going to waste music? I was a long time fan of pop music. And I’m not saying that all these songs are bad, just that we easily go to such trivial music without value or quality. The songs played by old bands have a “something” that makes you listen to them today. It never seems outdated. They have a special elegance. The good parts last while the bad ones are just for the moment. Coming back, we were listening because everyone was listening. And I was really trying to dress like these top stars were doing. To always be like them, even though I didn’t even know my personality.

I wanted to be practically fashionable and I lived by the principles of society. I was judging the people who were listening to “drug addicts” music as I used to call rap music at that time.

And not because maybe I really had that opinion, but because that was implemented in my head. I was pointing with my finger. Because of the wide clothes and the vulgar words in the pieces we considered them vagabonds. I suddenly switched to rock music that had a positive effect on my life, from which I could learn and really feel the music. The people were so kind and friendly that they leave us with the wrong impressions because of the fashion. I learned that clothing does not make man, and since then I no longer judge people by their appearance.
On the contrary, people who do not dress according to the label of the company are more attracted to me. Why ? I know they have a different personality with new ideas and perceptions.

Of course, people who listen to classical music that is extraordinary for the development of our mind will dress in this elegant style.

But elegance does not necessarily consist in the way we dress. Not? For me, a person listening to Metallica, Scorpions or other bands in this style makes me see some special people. In front of people … who sing me lyrics without logic, just because it sounds good. The music is felt And if you feel lyrics like “Your kiss on my self-tanning skin” you drop instantly in my eyes. The music you listen to makes me feel about you, it’s like a book that describes me. I have been spinning in many circles of friends of different styles. But one day I found the real place. In the place where I pointed my finger. I am a fan of reggae music which makes me more empathetic and positive. He helped me find myself and put his mark on my life. Music really changes lives and helps them. To meet new and open minded people. I often hear “why listen to this?” My answer is simple: “this music represents me”. What do you really mean?

  Author: Lorena Moldovan


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