Hotel Hell: 5 of the most interesting episodes

Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell, starring Gordon Ramsay, is a reality television show that showcases the transformation of various struggling hotels, lodges or inns. The show started in 2012 and it ended in 2016, with only 3 seasons. However, despite the lower number of episodes in comparison to Gordon’s other famous shows (Kitchen Nightmares and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares), the show offers great entertainment and the transformations are truly incredible. As such, here are 5 of the most interesting episodes with good hotel transformations.

1. Monticello Hotel – Season 2, Episode 2

Hotel Monticello is situated in Longview, Washington.  The owner Phillip Lovingfoss has a historical hotel on his hands and he doesn’t seem to be able to handle the pressure. The hotel is in a state of disrepair, with people being put in the motel next to the hotel, despite paying for the hotel experience.  The upper floors are completely filled with Phillip’s various items. This is described as a hoarding issue.

However, hoarding is not Phillip’s only problem. He is an alcoholic that likes to live a lavish lifestyle, as highlighted by his expensive watch, jewellery and cars. The staff comes together to try help Phillip with his issue, alcoholism, which also lands him a DUI. The kitchen is also a disaster, as they only serve frozen or canned food.  Gordon takes out a UV light and shows the disgusting state of the bed sheets.  A true Hotel Hell experience!

2. Applegate River Lodge – Season 2, Episode 3

Applegate River Lodge is located in Applegate, Oregon. The lodge is owned by Richard and Joanna Davis, but now the couple’s two sons are invested in the business as well, taking care of the kitchen and entertainment area. The two sons butt heads constantly and the lodge, while in a beautiful area, needs remodelling. Gordon takes out his trusty UV light and once again shows the disgusting state of the rooms. Richard smokes weed constantly and is only there for the parties.

The parties themselves are bizarre – dancing mushrooms appear and the music is incredibly loud, disrupting the peace of the few people coming to stay at the lodge.  As such, Joanna is forced to give the rooms out for free.

3. Four Seasons Inn – Season 2, Episode 6

The Four Seasons Inn is situated in West Dover, Vermont. Four Seasons Inn is owned by former construction worker Sandy McDougall.  As most other hotels featured in Hotel Hell, the inn has severe issues with hygiene, as shown by the dust, mould and suspicious stains found. The kitchen is in horrible state and the food is disgusting. There is a dog running around everywhere, as the inn advertises itself as being dog-friendly. The inn also has a subpar dog kennel, which is later also remodelled.

4. Lakeview Hotel – Season 3, Episode 5

Lakeview Hotel is located in Chelan, Washington. Lakeview Hotel is owned by Brent and Afni MacDonald. They are both people with horrible attitudes, isolating themselves from the rest of the community and trying to get competitive with everyone. The food is bad, despite Brent advertising it as the best in the area, and the hotel has bad hygiene practices, which is shown by the moment Gordon walks in.

There are cobwebs everywhere and the UV light shows suspicious stains in the rooms above. The owners further drive away possible customers by implementing a no-children rule and having no samples for the ice cream they sell as well. They resist change and are too proud, the perfect combination for a show like Hotel Hell.

5. Town’s Inn – Season 3, Episode 3

Town’s Inn is found in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Jason and his wife Ana bought Towns Inn in 2007 as an investment, making them the true owners of the inn. However, his mother Karan Townsend is responsible for the inn.  This is a truly bizarre episode of Hotel Hell, as Karan is a baffling character. First of all, she gives off the aura of a witch, which together with the stone walls of the inn, makes for an interesting combination.

She lives in a shoebox room in the inn and has a severe hoarding issue. She is obsessed with baskets.  The rooms are disgusting and the device showing possible pathogens lights up with a worrying number. Karan admits to having had an accident on the floor more than once – this horrifies Gordon.


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