Horror movies: how they helped with my anxiety

Horror movies: how they helped with my anxiety

Watching horror movies is the perfect way to spend your Saturday night, according to many people. Most of them really enjoy being scared out of their mind and wouldn’t hesitate to pick this kind of films on movie night. But what about people who suffer from anxiety? For people who are familiar with this term, it is possible to sound a little bit odd. Why would someone who already suffer from irrational fears, worrying constantly about things they can or cannot control in their life would want to feel more fear? Well, there are many reasons why they voluntary choose that.

Horror movies seems like a great remedy for me. I have suffered from anxiety since I was young. My mind is constantly rumbling about all the bad things that could happen at any time and I just can’t get any rest. I’m always nervous and waiting for something to go wrong. But while watching this kind of movies, I am finally able to forget about my problems for once. Like they just disappear.

Next I’m going to present some reasons why you feel relieved after watching this kind of movies.

Horror movies: how they helped with my anxiety

1. Horror movies can easily distract you

I have to admit that horror movies are really terrifying for me. I am a scaredy cat and that’s why I tend to chose some mild ones. Do I enjoy them? Yes, at some degree. The main reason why I like them is that, while watching them, I can easily pause all my destructive thoughts. I’ m not worried about anything anymore mainly because I am too focused on the movie. When you have something to concentrate on you tend to forget about the things in your life that you are insecure about and constantly over analize.

2. You feel like you are in control of your fear, psychiatrists say.

Maybe you deal with a lot of things in your life. And you can’t usually solve all of them, because sometimes they don’t depend on you. That’s why you may feel powerless most of the time. For people like me, we usually feel like every little inconvenience can become a much bigger problem later, and I can’t do anything about it. But when I watch horror movies, everything gets easier. I am the one in control. If I’m too frightened, I can just stop the movie, or skip it. I can choose if I want to experience the scary parts or not. Also, the fact that you know it’s fictional and it can’t affect you it’s a bonus.

Horror movies: how they helped with my anxiety

3. It confirms our fears.

This one might seem a little bit strange, but I somehow feel good about myself that I knew from the start the world can be so scary. As I sometimes am concerned about things that are unlikely to happen in real life, seeing that other people like the movie creators also think about these improbable things makes me feel better. It’s because I discover that I’m not the only one who understands that the world is indeed a dangerous place.

4. You may feel refreshed .

After watching it, I feel like all my stress just washed away. It’s like getting a really big dose of fear that exhaust me, and just consume all my worries. I will usually be too tired to think about my problems.  And because the film has already finished, I feel strangely secure. Also the adrenaline manages to calm me down. It really relaxes me when I do this before an exam because I don’t have enough energy to be anxious about that too.

Horror movies: how they helped with my anxiety

In conclusion, horror movies can indeed help you manage your anxiety and take a break from all that overthinking. But therapist also warn us that we need to be careful with this coping mechanism, as it can activate some of our triggers. However, enjoying a little film with your friends from time to time can be really fun.

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