Horror Genre: 3 video games that I absolutely loved


I love horror games. I’m always looking forward to new games that will scare me. And I love watching other people play them, like Pewdiepie or Markiplier. I think I have this love for the horror genre since childhood when I’d watch my uncle play Return on Castle Wolfenstein. Even if it’s not a horror game, it’d scare me a lot, but it gave me that adrenaline that stayed until now. Now I’m proud to say that I finished some, and they were absolutely perfect. 

  • Outlast (2013, Red Barrel)

Yes, everyone knows it, everyone played it. For those times, it was one of the best horror games I’ve ever known about. This horror game brought up some new experiences for players. Some of us know that the game is making us tense only by that music playing while running or when it’s a dangerous situation. The story is kinda simple: you’re a journalist with an important job, to get to an asylum and find out the truth inside it. The first-person playing mode makes it even better. In this game, you need 3 things: batteries, a gold medal at every marathon ever and to take a shower. Besides Outlast one, there’s Outlast WhistleblowerOutlast 2, and an upcoming Outlast Trials this year. 

  • Layers of Fear (2016Bloomer Team) 

This one is more oriented on interacting with objects rather than running for your life. Another first-person playing mode, but you’re in a Victorian mansion, trying to restore the memories of a painter. This gets very terrifying, as the memories are not so pleasant. The views are stunning but will give you nightmares. For a horror game, the play mode was something new to the players. There’s also a second Layers of Fear from 2019. By the way, it was inspired by the P.T. game, so you know what to expect.

  • Soma (2015, Frictional Games) 

Not necessarily terrifying, more like thoughtful. You wake up and find out you’ve had an accident. You go to your doctor, and from that point, you wake up in an alternative universe. A little spoiler, you’ll get to contemplate the meaning of life, and the difference between cloning and multiplying people. After finishing the game, you’ll feel the need to look up commentaries and explanations. It’s also more interactive, and it’s perfect for those who want to explore the game in depth.


Other great horror games that I like are Home Sweet Home (2017), The Evil Within (2014), and Silent Hill 1 (1999). 




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