Honked or whistled at on the street? See what drivers have to say about this!

I know that nowadays, especially on social media, there is an endless debate on catcalling. Many girls feel attacked and offended when they are honked or whistled at on the streets. As promised in my last article – to give you some insights from drivers’ life – I decided to do a mini interview with both of my parents. Opinions need to be relevant and objective from both sexes, right?
I thought it would be interesting for 21st century girls to have some opinions on this matter from older people. And who could be more helpful than my cool parents? With my dad being a driver and having this habit for as long as I’ve known him, I’ve never considered catcalling wrong. For me, it is even funny and I even blow kisses to drivers who catcall me from their car window (my friend, Ema, is a witness and all my close friends or people who have known me for a long time can confirm).
So, let’s skip to the interview. I will start with my dad, since he is the “guilty” one in this topic.
  1. Do you think that girls who go out on the street all dressed up and wearing make-up are doing it for men or because that’s how they like themselves to be?

I think that girls are doing it for themselves because they just want to look good.

2. Have you ever honked at a girl who wasn’t necessarily sexy or showing skin? If so, what made her catch you eye and honk at her?

Yes, I honked at girls many times, no matter how they looked, just because I liked to make them turn their heads when I passed by.

3. Many girls today feel offended and think that they are objectified when they are honked or whistled at on the street. What do you think about that? From your point of view, as a man, do you think they have reasons to feel that way or they should wear their femininity with pride?

I don’t know if they really feel offended or if they have to feel like an object. A woman or a girl who knows who she is doesn’t even have to pay attention to a horn.

4. How do you think girls and women feel when you honk at them?

I have never thought about how a woman feels when she’s honked at, but I definitely think she’s scared because of the loud noise of the honk. However, this horn thing – I did it a lot in the past. Now, when I work in all these civilized countries, it’s like the horn doesn’t even exist.

5. There are girls who complain that they are honked and whistled at on the street even if they are dressed normally, without showing skin or shapes. Why do men honk at such girls?

So many of these honks are purely instinctive. Most of the time, there is no real reason behind a honk.

6. Have you, as a girl’s father and driver, ever thought that other drivers would honk at me on the street? If so, how do you feel about knowing that?

I certainly thought that my daughter could be honked at by other car drivers, but I know for sure that I raised a civilized girl, worthy of following as a model. (he’s teasing me here, daddy’s girl for ever)

7. What would you like to say to girls who feel offended when they are honked and catcalled on the street?

I would tell them to not respond to these teases and to not make a big deal out of them.
This is my dad’s opinion. Now, let’s see what the opposite sex has to say about this. Here are the questions for my mom!

1. You were and are honked and whistled at on the street. How does that make you feel now? But what about when you were a teenager?

I don’t remember how I felt when I was young, there weren’t that many cars, it depends on where you are. Me, I have a feeling of fear when I am on less circulated streets.

2. You were a teenager in the 20th century. At that time, I know that girls and women did not go out on the street as naked as they do today. However, were they honked and whistled at as often as now?

Yes, I think it was no girl or woman to not horned at, because drivers instinctively honk when they see a woman on the street.

3. Why do you think men have this instinct?

Because they see a woman and they want to brag about being drivers and having a honk. :)))

4. Do you think that’s why men honk at girls who are dressed normally and don’t look provocative? Why do you think girls take this kind of attention from men too seriously?

Not all girls take drivers’ attention seriously, I think only those who are attention seekers.

5. Then, in the 90’s, how did women feel when they were catcalled? Were they proud and felt feminine or were they still offended?

It depends, some felt proud that they were noticed and thought they were beautiful, others like me were a little afraid.

6. From your point of view, what has changed in the mentality of girls since then, and what do you think caused this change?

Everything has changed in the mentality of every young person, not only of girls’. It is due to democracy and free speech. Everyone believes that they can do what they want and express themselves as they want, regardless of age, respect and much more.

7. What would you like to tell to girls nowadays who claim to be feeling objectified when they are honked and whistled at on the street, by men?

To see their own way, and not take into account all the fools on the streets.

These are my parents. I will not be subjective about it and give an opinion. Instead, I will let you think about it yourselves and let me know what you think about their answers. Are they wrong, are they right?


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