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Honest diapers

If you have ever imagined that finding the ideal diaper for your baby is easy, then congratulations. You had a beautiful dream. Finding the right brand for your newborn is difficult, but not impossible. So I want to help you with some tips! I chose today the Honest diapers brand.

I will be talking about a company that was founded in 2011 by actress Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan. Both are parents and it has been so difficult for them to find a good choice of baby products, from diapers to napkins and soaps that do not irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. So, in the end, they decided to create their own brand and do it in such a way that it would be an ideal solution for parents.

This brand of theirs is called Honest Company. And it’s a surprisingly good one, I’d say.

As a new mom, Jessica Alba wanted her kids to use natural, eco-friendly baby products, and she couldn’t find them. So she created such products. When the actress was asked about the reasons behind this brand, Jessica Alba said she wanted to set up this company so that mothers could have a better and safer start.

This company reached $10 million in sales in its first year. It makes and sells a variety of home products from soaps, cleaners, or wipes to multi-vitamins and diapers. So you have many good options to choose from them. Honest Diapers strives to develop effective, safe, eco-friendly, convenient, and affordable products for families.

When many other diapers struggle in the metric of eco-friendliness, this one earned a relatively high-score. These diapers are totally chlorine-free (TCF), using plant-based plastics and pulp from sustainably managed forests and they also have a plant-based inside that contains no perfume or latex.

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Also, what always puts a smile on my face is the diaper print, which is very cute and comes in many styles.

It is quite tiring to change a diaper 7-8 times a day for about 3 years anyway. At least on the outside, it looks nice, because the inside … smells pretty “nice”.

When you want to choose your baby’s diaper, make sure that it has very good absorption. Choose a diaper that exceeds in absorbency.

Poor absorption of the diaper can expose your baby’s skin to persistent dampness and it can lead to diaper rash. That way, whether a diaper is green or traditional, the absorbent core of the diaper contains SAP. The Super Absorbent Polymer is claimed to absorb up to 300x its weight in water and retain it.

The Honest Company’s diapers include leak protection, just remember to pull the diaper seams out around your baby’s legs in order to prevent leaks. They are also free of fragrances, lotions, or irritating chemical additive. These diapers are hypoallergenic and they are not get processed with chlorine.

As a bonus, they’re available in eight sizes. That means you can use them from the baby’s birth to the potty training period. They also have overnight diapers and pull-up training pants.
Their elastic leg cuffs move with your baby, another point of hight-quality.

So these diapers have a lot of pros:

– They are hypoallergenic
– Made without fragrance, lotions, latex or chemical additives
– They have absorbents core features fluff pulp harvested from sustainably managed forests
– Chlorine and bleach-free
– Leg cuffs to prevent leaks or blowouts
– Plant-based inner and outer layer are gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin
– Stretchy side panels with refastenable tabs allow for a comfortable fit
– And their very funny and seasonally-themed prints

View Best Choices for Honest Diapers and Wipes

But Honest diapers have also five points on the list of cons:

– They don’t have a wetness indicator to tell you when your baby needs changing
– Runs slightly small
– Non-stretchy front of the diaper may be a snug fit if your baby has a big belly
– They tend to leak when your baby grows and it’s time to move up to the next size
– And the last point, the price is a little expensive compared to other disposable diapers.  But if you are like me and don’t want to spend a lot of money, try this brand buying the average price packet of diapers.

Why? Because I was skeptical about the cheapest one, I thought cheap didn’t mean good. So I didn’t want to risk it. Also, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, I wanted to test it and I chose this option. I don’t regret it, for me that was a good option.

I also recommend The Honest Company Organic All Purpose Balm with plant-based ingredients, including organic Sunflower, olive, coconut and tamanu oil for hypoallergenic skin care.

View the Honest Company Organic Balm

So Honest Company has a large number of excellent products that really work, especially wipes, diapers, and diapering products.

More than that, I like their wipes and I used them regularly because they are soft, smell good, they are thick and clean very well.

View Best Choices for Honest Diapers and Wipes

Pampers or Huggies diapers? Which one is the best?



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