Home – family or friends?


Home – a place that everyone should have, even if it is human or not. That place where you are connected to the most beautiful memories of your life. First steps on the gigantic stairs, first fall off the bike, first snowfall, first scolding from mom, first words that made your parents happy, the most important events that happened there.

Most of the time, ”home” means mom and dad – family.

Have you ever thought that for some people, this word is something abstract? Can you name ”home” a hospital in which you’ve developed over the years with your mom near by you just because of an asshole who hit you with his car on the crosswalk? Because he has speed in his blood.

Or is it because you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or something else? But some of the kids have created a loving home in the hospital because they have made friends who are more or less healthier than them. They’ve shared toys, they’ve played together on the hospital hallways. They’ve grown together.

In short, they have learned to love themselves as they are, even if a tomorrow isn’t sure to come.

Maybe you’ve met kids who have grown in a foster home. Kids who have a difficult childhood, kids who didn’t receive parental love as you had. Kids who never heard an honest ”I love you”, kids who have reached being criticized by society, even if some kids are more educated and more ambitious than a V.I.P. kid raised in luxury and who always depends on their parent’s money.

Friends – people in which you put your trust and who betray you most of the time. They share your most private secrets with anybody and act like you haven’t been friends for so long. But if X is the most popular guy at high school and you are just a shadow, I mean a nobody, it would be so cool to befriend X. You are friend with X, you are popular now, you attract girls and you mock the boys who were once like you.

You forgot where you came from.

Now, you lose nights in the club, you smoke, lately, you do drugs and you met different girls for ’’one night stands”. Then you make them suffer so much, but you are happy.

I know, I know, this is not happiness, but an illusion. We also have written an article about this topic. Overall, if you want to steer clear of addictions, or you need an advice for avoiding it, just click here!

Honestly, I regret this kind of situation, because the encouragement can change you in the most negative way, and thus, you become a calamity in other’s eyes. But now you have X by your side. Don’t you think that the day in which X will get bored of you and he won’t be so popular will arrive? I don’t think so…

As long as you live the moment the consequences don’t matter! The others don’t matter!

Parents don’t matter, you get into jail – but you’re sure that X will get you out of there – you tell cops that he was with you last night, that it isn’t all your fault, but no one believes you.

X’s father has a lot of money and he won’t let his kid go to jail, he uses his connections. X denies everything. You regret the decision taken. You want to turn back time, but you can’t. Appearances are deceiving most of the time.

Who are you now? You’re no one. You ran in a circle all this time.

And about ”home”, everything is about mom and dad, but, in some cases, it’s better not to have them. It’s better not to have parents at all than to have an alcoholic father and a mother who you didn’t see since you were 2. In this way, you get a negative example and you will say ” I will be a better parent than them. I will love my kid/kids more than my own life even if I won’t have a good financial situation”. Parental love is something essential for every person. It can make you happy. It can motivate you, or it can lack, becoming a bad example.

These are things on which we most depend on this life. Its presence or its absence depends on case to case. Our future depends on it. For a better life avoid the self excess.

Author: Anca Pușcaș


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