Holding hands with Murakami through the Norwegian Forest


In the last few weeks, I didn’t read so much, so shame on me! I think that all readers have such moments. Sometimes, we brag that we have read 4 books in a week. Other times, we disappointedly look at the bunch of unread books on our desk. Reading slumps are “amazing”! What can I say? Well, after reading “The Norwegian Forest”, by Haruki Murakami: nothing.

I totally recommend this book to everyone! After reading it, I had the impression that my life is just a silly copy of the “Norwegian Forest”.

How did Haruki Murakami impress me so much?

Honestly, I don’t think that it was just his last book. This author played with my mind since his first book I have read: “South of the border, west of the sun”. I can say that most books I have read were chosen randomly. Those two are not an exception.

Back to Haruki Murakami and “South of the border, west of the sun”. Try as I might, I won’t tell you about what happened without skipping less important aspects.

This man makes you think that even the tree that he mentioned in the first paragraph has great importance. This happened to me when I was reading “The Norwegian Forest”. At the beginning of “South of the border, west of the sun”, there were two kids that were listening to pick-up music in the evening. The book finishes with two adults who are listening to pick-up music.

Me and “The Norwegian Forest”

I have read the entire book in only two nights. I was keeping that book in my hands and with The Beatles singing until I made my auntie mad. For me, the night is better for reading and writing. I dedicated two nights to Murakami, following him through the Norwegian Forest.

Do you want to read another great book? I suggest you read this one, you won’t regret it! 

I felt the book

It happens with all the books I read. I identified myself with the characters. The one I resonated with is Midori’s son. I lived my student life in Tokyo, as a man who lives his life as much as he can and on Sunday he does his chores. I lived my human life without aspirations through this book. And I’m glad I’m not part of it every day.

Reading this book made me fall in love again with the autumn rains. It made me remember people who I thought I have forgotten. Even though I have recently read the book, I plan to do it again because I want to fall in love again.

Now let’s talk about “South of the border, west of the sun”.

This book left me with only landscapes that I imagined while reading, but not exactly with accurate events. It left me with a sense of nostalgia that persists to this day.

Author: Ana Retegan


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