3 Hilarious YouTube channels to cheer you up on a blue day 


YouTube is a wonderful place where you can find anything you could possibly have been looking for: from music and movies, to beauty tutorials and fitness blogs, to cooking shows and gaming. The platform is also the birth place of many successful comedians whose channels are responsible for their prosperous careers. Here are my top 3 YouTubers who always bring a smile on my face whenever I am down in the dumps.  

Lilly Singh  

Born and raised in Canada to Indian parents, Lilly Singh started her career as a comedian and entrepreneur with her legendary YouTube channel where she was formerly known under the pseudonym Superwoman (as of 2019 she has officially changed the channel’s name to Lilly Singh). What started as a mediocre channel with less than 100K subscribers grew into an empire with more than 14 million followers.

Her skyrocketing success secured her a place in the top ten on the Forbes list of the highest earning YouTubers worldwide and named her among the 40 most influential comedians in 2019. Besides being featured in many other magazines and earning numerous awards, in 2017 Lilly published her very first book called How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life and nowadays she hosts her show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh 

To what does she owe her success you wonder? Her idiosyncratic sense of humor and relatable content is what make her fan base keep growing. Her videos include satirizing everyday problems and parodying the stereotypical Indian culture. The star’s most hilarious comedy performances derive from her many characters such as the controversial Manjeet and Paramjeet, loosely based on her parents, who are often seen reacting to mainstream culture. In addition, she frequently does collaborations with A-list celebrities – Dwayne Johnson, Priyanka Chopra, Will Smith to name a few.  

Liza Koshy  

Liza Koshy started building her celebrity status by going viral on Vine. It was a smooth sailing from there on. Not long after the social media app was cancelled in 2017, Liza rose to fame through her YouTube channel. Born in Texas to parents from Indian and German origin, Liza moved to LA after her following base grew with a massive speed within a quite short period. Now with more than 17 million subscribers, Koshy is not only a mega YouTube star but is also a protagonist in her TV series Liza on Demand, an Emmy nominee and a four-time Teen Choice Awards receiver.  

Liza’s video content is the quirkiest I have ever seen in the most positive sense possible. Although she has the most random skits, the fact that each of them is more hilarious than the previous one is what makes her YouTube channel so appealing. Among her most viewed videos are the ones featuring her alter egos Jet and Helga, freaky and ridiculous yet amusing characters, who are presented as Liza’s cousins. Liza is also considered the queen of puns a remarkably entertaining talent that can be observed in her videos where she visits dollar stores, makes shopping sprees at Target or in her series Driving with Lizzza 

Colleen Ballinger  

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Colleen Ballinger is a YouTuber that has been around for over 10 years. During her years of content creation, she has had the chance to perform on Broadway, became an author of two best-sellers and got her own Netflix show Haters Back Off. The claim to all of her fame is her alter ego Miranda Sings.  

The reason behind creating her iconic character is to mock self-entitled and egocentric aspiring singers who believe they will succeed into the entertaining industry, despite their obvious lack of talent. Therefore, Miranda is presented as a self-centered, self-assured, eccentric character who believes she is the best in everything and is not concerned with what others think of her.

Since Colleen’s main channel is strictly dedicated to her character (her second channel features only Colleen where she posts videos related to her daily life) her video content consists of Miranda giving humorous singing and dancing tutorials, reactions to other videos through Miranda’s perspective, such as the birth of Colleen’s son, and numerous collabs with other YouTubers, for instance Jojo Siwa, James Charles and Lilly Singh. 


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