High school: 2 significant things you should know

high school

I firmly believe that during high school you build a version of yourself that will always be there, even though you lose yourself or you change after that, a part of you from that time will always be there in your heart. It’s that period of time when you discover yourself when you feel something real, you feel happiness, betrayal, love, sadness, frustration, and you go through different phases. We’ve all had “that phase” in high school and we did something crazy. It may be a crazy high school, it may be the “emo phase” or “rock phase” or it may be “I’m going to change my style every day until I find out which one fits me better”.

If you are still in high school, don’t waste your time and have the best time of your life. Go have fun, study, study for your future self so later it will be easier for you. Go out there and meet new people, go where your heart finds life. Enjoy every day, because one day it will be over. If you’re not in high school anymore, how does it feel to look back and kind of regret that you let those things affect you this much? You should have enjoyed those moments a little bit more, right?


I had to learn this one the hard way, and it’s ok. We are young, we like having friends and having a good time with anyone. At first, everyone is excited and everyone is friendly. After a while, they build groups and they become separated. No one enters the group without permission and some auditions. This one is the dumbest thing you can do in high school. Not letting someone in your group because they are as “cool” as you are. This kind of superficial attitude that you don’t want to get rid of, will affect you later in college or when you will have a job.

Later, this “superior attitude” will cost you, no one will accept this and you’ll be the one who loses. Make sure you choose your people right, highschool friendships that last even after everything is over, they are so rare. For example, my friends from high school were my best friends, we did everything together, we were inseparable, we even talked about our future together in college. Yes, how should I say this more gently, we don’t even salute each other.

Time passed, we have different lives, we are adults now, and we realized that those friendships only lasted because in high school we saw each other every day and had the same purposes. And it’s ok, if it were meant to be it would have been even in college or later. They weren’t the right people and we shouldn’t be upset about it.


This is not a High School Musical movie, this is reality. And I am sorry to be the one that tells you that, but a serious relationship in high school will either kill your happiness and make you lose your time or it will be a relationship that lasts. In high school, you are too young to understand some things, heartbreaks, toxicity, healthy relationships. You should be more focused on working on yourself, how to be happy by yourself, how to love yourself.

So, when you are ready, when you are good on your own, then you should have a relationship. Not when you don’t understand life. Yes, the more you experience,e the more you acknowledge things, but be aware of the fact that not everything is sweet and not everything is about flowers and sunset dates. Before you get into a relationship at a young age, make sure you are ready to commit. Don’t do it just for fun, just because it’s cool and everyone does it because it’s trendy or because this is how you become popular and like in school.

Make friends, meet people, take some time to know them, don’t rush things, study harder and harder, focus on yourself, discover your style and your type of music, discover what you want to do in life, be good on your own, then take this responsibility. Because otherwise, you’ll end up in college so confused and lost, you won’t know what you want from a serious relationship, you won’t know what you need and you won’t be able to offer love and respect for someone who has good intentions with you.


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