Here’s your big, brutal guide to protesting (1)


In the last few years, there was a lot going on. That’s why we were witnessing more and more protests, violent or not. Of course, we should know how to fight for our rights, thus we should know what can we do against the wrong laws.

First of all, we should know what a protest is. According to the First Amendment from the U.S. Constitution, we can freely express our beliefs. This covers “free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly”. Check your country’s Constitution for more details.
Protesting is “a practice of publicly speaking out against perceived injustices and urging action”.
Now, to the list. If you go to Dynamics of Collective Action, you’ll find 18 different types of demonstrating. This project collects a lot of useful data about these collective activities in the U.S. Today we’ll talk about the first 10. Therefore:

1.Rally/ Demonstration

This one has speakers, singers, which are recognizable by sound equipment or a stage.

2. March

This one speaks for itself, it constitutes walking from a place to another. As this is also common, most of the protests are marches.

3. Vigil

One of the quietest types of protesting, this is defined by holding candles for a cause. People also have banners to inform what they’re protesting against. An example is The White House Peace Vigil from 1981. It’s an anti-nuclear weapons vigil.

4. Picket

This is defined by holding signs and walking in a circling manner. This manner used to trigger the First Amendment review, back in 1940.

5. Civil disobedience

This was one of the most talked-about events last year. The features of this one may include crossing barricades or tying up phone lines. Kind of what happened in Belarus.

6. Ceremony

“These are sometimes referenced by presenting flowers or wreaths
commemorating or dedicating or celebrating status transitions or its anniversary”. 

7. Dramaturgical demonstration

This should be made by playing a scene. This goes like this: “scripting, staging, performing, and interpreting”. You might want to check out this research about dramaturgy and demonstrations.

8. Motorcade

This is a procession of vehicles. In Bangkok, for example, there was this type of protest on 14 November 2020. Students were protesting against absurd school rules and authoritarian teachers.

9. Information Distribution

Petitions, letter-writing campaigns, and other peaceful demonstrations.

10. Symbolic display

The most creative one, made with graffiti, cross burnings, signs, standing displays. We also have an example given, which is the Menorah demonstration. It all started with a protest in Jerusalem against the government. Then a topless protester started the rage because she was sitting on a menorah statue. And that is a symbol of the nation of Israel. This got things even worse, as the event became more violent. This happened on July 22, 2020.


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