Here is why TikTok is not just a kids app, anymore


With every new generation comes a new wave of trends. While at some point you looked at your parents struggling with technology, wondering “how could they not get it, it’s so easy!” At some point your kids or the younger generation that will come after will think the same about you.  But this idea created the stigma around the TikTok app. Most of us know this app as one where kids dance and do cringe content. But thanks to our dear friend Covid19, we are all stuck at home with nothing to do. This extreme boredom gave life to TikTok as we know it today.

While this app might have been the reason why untalented attractive people became rich and famous. It changed a lot in this pandemic. Many users have come together to make it a cozy home for all of us to share in these hard times. A home in which there is something for everyone! From food content to complete home remodeling or licensed therapists, doctors and nutritionist giving free useful advice for their audience. You will for sure find a community that is perfect for you which with you can laugh, and spend your time with.

Who doesn’t love food?

In my opinion food TikTok is the highlight of this app. I have learned so much from all the amazing accounts out there! Here are a few of the top food TikTok accounts on this app:

  • @thekoreanveganteacher, this account belongs a to the sweet’s woman, she is a successful lawyer, wife and daughter. She loves her culture and cuisine but she suffered from it lack of versatility for vegans. So, she decided to do it herself! She looked for and created Korean vegan recipes that are both traditional and delicious. She also uses her amazing story telling to tell her audience beautifully about her life, while they enjoy her beautiful recipes.
  • @jeremyscheck, Jeremy is a student at Cornell University double majoring in Spanish and Italian with significant course work in food classes such as nutrition, food science and culinary science. His love and passion for food were the reason behind his account. He dedicated it to making delicious, easy and affordable meals especially for college students. And others that forgot cooking and are now fully depending on delivery foods and eating out.
  • @thegoldenbalance, or Ahmad Alzahabi is a 23 years old Arab man that like the vegan teacher, wants to share his traditional cuisine. He makes delicious recipes with an oriental twist. He also remakes some fast-food items for his audience to recreate at home.
  • @newt, and lastly is newt. He just an ordinary teenage boy that loves his food and is always trying out new recipes. His mission is to show people that cooking isn’t so hard and makes easy to follow recipes almost every day. For his fans and other food lovers to enjoy.

Houses, Houses and more houses!

For some reason the TikTok app and all its users love houses. Whether it is home decoration, transformation, cleaning or even house trading it’s all on TikTok. While most children love TikTok a vast majority of its users are teenagers and young adults that love watching home transformations. There are hundreds of users that do this kind of content but here are my favorites:

  • @emilyrayna, is an interior designer and architect that used her parents’ absence as an opportunity to transform their house! As her parents were out of town, she started transforming their old house into a new modern one, all that on a budget. These videos became viral and others followed her example. A few other users started documenting their home transformations. Like @juliaevansdesign, @victorianadventureand and @leximars__ .
  • Another side of the home transformation is by cleaning. There is even a TikToker that is so passionate about cleaning, Monica Geller style, that she offers to help people in her area with cleaning. She is kind and empathic towards others situations and understands that sometimes a person’s mental state reflects on their life and it can get messy. @aurikatariina
  • @trademeproject is by far my favorite in this list. Demi Skipper is young woman that started a crazy project to get a house. She started by trading a bobby pin until she gets a house! Starting from a bobby pin she was able to work her way up and get to a phone, laptop, car, expensive sneakers and a Dimond neckless. The objects might be different and sometimes smaller than the ones before, but the value is certainly increasing. She takes her followers with her on her adventure on her way to a house.

If you are not going to take care of yourself, we are going to.

The best side of TikTok is definitely the family side. People from around the world gathered in TikTok and slowly built a beautiful community. While every apple crate has a few bad apples, this doesn’t make the whole bunch rotten. By just taking out the rotten one and throwing them away, the rest are like new. Of Course there are some toxic people on the app but their voices and lost between the positivity. There are some therapists that help with your mental health, some motivational souls that take care of yours. Some body positivity nutritionists that help you have a heathy relationship with food and be healthy.

For your mental health, motivation and nutrition advice: @that.anxious.thrpst, @_laraann_@iamtabithabrown, @thecarolinalifestyle @lindsay.fleminglpc ,@drjuliesmith and @maliaschmalleger.

All of those beautiful people worked hard to turn tiktok into the family app, that it is today. So maybe give it a try and dig a litter deeper, and pass through the tiktok dances.


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