Here are some things to help you if you feel anxious during the pandemic


I know it may seem harder than you think, but if you take a deep breath, you’d be surprised. You’re exhausted, aren’t you? It’s normal, but when you go from exhausted and tired to anxious and overwhelmed, things get serious. The pandemic came like a wave of anxiety for all of us, it’s human after all, but how can you go from anxious to relaxed? For young people, the risk has increased considerably, because if you didn’t taste “the life” yet, you’re scared. You don’t know from which point to start, how to manage things, everything is in a rush and you think you don’t have time for anything. You may feel overwhelmed, but let me show you some tips for this:


This is a very common effect that COVID-19 brought to us: the lack of motivation. You are tired, maybe you’re dehydrated, you don’t eat well, you don’t exercise anymore, you don’t meditate, you’re nervous all the time. First of all, take a deep breath. Try some exercises for breathing correctly. Your lungs and stomach will feel better. Try not to think at anything for a moment and just breathe, slowly. This may reduces your anxiety and increases the supply of oxygen and trust me, your brain is full of dark thoughts and needs some oxygen. Calm yourself because you’re the only one who has this power over your mind and body.

Of course, you feel anxious if you don’t eat well. If you are not as active as before it doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of your health. This week, take care of yourself. Focus on yourself, do some physical exercises, be aware of what you’re eating. Eat well, get some sleep, then you’ll see the difference. Stop overthink before you go to sleep, it’s a must! Sometimes, people use self-meditation, caffeine, substances like tobacco, drink, but these things won’t make your anxiety go away, but will only increase the feeling. Anxiety feeds itself with these addictive things.


Try and do a thing every day that makes you happy and don’t let a day pass without doing that thing. Draw (for example, I have a sketchbook where I draw all the time, it made my anxiety go away), read (you’ll feel more relaxed), write in a journal. Stop doing things that only make you feel more anxious, stop spending so much time on social media because during this pandemic there is a lot of fake news made only to scare the people.

Don’t say “I’ll do it tomorrow”, do it now! If you let the days go by, you’ll feel unprepared and this increases your anxiety. Do a little every day, step by step you’ll achieve what you’ve proposed! Make a list of everything and do that thing, step by step, day by day. Try to plan ahead and give yourself time to do all you want so you won’t feel unprepared. Even if it’s about the school, work, deadlines, tests, exams.


Talk to someone you trust or someone you love, maybe it will help you. Tell them how you feel, talk to each other about your feelings, but don’t ignore theirs. If you can open yourself up and tell how you feel and what you think it may relieve a lot of pressure and may break down the walls your anxiety built. You should know, you can be someone’s support too, and you’d be great at this job.

Think about all you’ve been through. Think about your studies, your friends and family, your relationships, your job, your daily routine. Are they influenced negatively by your anxiety? It may be hard to handle it, but go and ask for help if you feel overwhelmed and accept the help, don’t be stubborn. You don’t have to do it alone and you are not alone! It takes strength, it’s human to ask for help, this is what makes us humans, the fact that we are able to give or receive help. If you don’t have a friend you trust, go and search for professional support, maybe online, everywhere, but do it now. Don’t let your thoughts eat you alive!


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