Her – a heartwarming movie about modern-day human connection

Her – a heartwarming movie about modern-day human connection
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A few years ago, I randomly chose to watch a drama movie one day, and it turned out it stuck in my mind since then. “Her” is the kind of movie so touching and complex, that makes you think about it from time to time, coming back to your favorite scenes and reanalyzing them.

An original plot

The Oscar-nominated filmmaker Spike Jonze creates here a wonderful illustration of how complex and fragile the modern-day intimacy can become. The movie follows Theodor’s story, an introverted and sensitive man, who struggles with creating human relations and feeling happy with himself.

Her – a heartwarming movie about modern-day human connection
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His role is wonderfully played by Joaquin Phoenix, who makes you feel so relatable and so disconnected from his character at the same time, which I think it was one of Jonze’s goals.

The action is situated in Los Angeles in the close future, where Theodor’s job is to write touching letters for other people’s close relatives. Since the beginning we come to understand how lonely and melancholic Theodor feels trying to cope with his failed marriage and being totally disconnected from the outside word of the city.

Capturing the complexity of relationships

What is truly interesting about his story it’s the encounter with an operating system, named Samantha, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. They connect on such a level that their friendship soon becomes romantic, making us question what truly a relationship is and to what point we can develop it in the future.

I think what makes Theodor feels so connected to his operating system is what all the modern-day human needs: the feeling of being seen, understood, and listened to.

Her – a heartwarming movie about modern-day human connection

But at the end of the day, the differences between them leaves Theodor heartbroken and lonely, finding consolation at his close friend Amy. I think Spike Jonze underlines here how dangerous the alienation of modern-day humanity can be, leaving us questioning how much influence we will allow technology to have over real relationships.

Wonderfully created shots and soundtrack

Besides the emotional story line, what will definitely draw your attention are the close-up shots. They beautifully capture human emotions on such a deep level, but also the environment’s little details, like particles of dust, snowflakes in the sunlight and the beach peaceful atmosphere.

Another thing that contributes to the melancholic atmosphere of the movie is the soft piano soundtrack. It invites you to really feel what Theodor feels and see, but in your own way, which I think is a really great movie production achievement. Also, the sensitive ukulele song that Theodor and Samantha compose together will surely leave you singing it in your head for a while.


Her – a heartwarming movie about modern-day human connection
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Overall, the way Spike Jonze captures the strange and complex human relations and their inclination to pay more attention and time to technology, along with offering each viewer the chance to analyze this phenomenon while leaving in a carefully built futuristic society, is a good enough reason to try this movie.


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