Heat protection : reasons to always use it

Heat protection

Heat protection is absolutely necessary if you use a hair styling tool. If you do not protect your hair, over time you may notice a lack of vitality and shine to the hair, split ends, structural problems or, in the worst situations, rupture of the hair fiber.

Why heat damages our hair?

Is hair straightening part of your daily routine? Then you know the problem of damaged hair and split ends. During the straightening process, a hair plate can reach a temperature of up to 220 degrees Celsius. The result: extremely fine damage to the cuticle and the inside of the hair.

Especially damp hair is particularly sensitive and prone to heat damage, because the moisture in the hair evaporates and the resulting pressure damages the surface of the hair.

How important is it to use heat protection before styling our hair?

The fact that we use hair dryers, plates or other hairdressing products affects our hair in the long run. Split ends, unkempt appearance and thin hairs are some of the alarm signals that our hair shows us. Every use of styling products causes our hair to lose its shine and the protective layer is affected. That is why it is highly recommended that we use a heat protection product before applying any heat treatment.

Curls need special attention

Curly hair is most prone to moisture loss because it is not comfortably placed on the scalp and benefits from less sebum.

Therefore, it is important not to dry your extra curly hair with a plate or hair dryer. Due to the high temperatures it loses important ingredients and the result will be less shine and elasticity. Use heat protection if you want to make curls with the curler. It seals the hair and protects against heat and UV rays.

Special protection products can also give volume and body, if you wish. When you make curls, it can happen that the hair comes out steaming. Don’t panic, it’s perfectly normal. This only shows that the heat protection works.

Damage caused by UV radiation

Not only the hair straightener, curler or hair dryer can damage the hair. Even UV radiation can dry the hair, leading to breakage. In addition, solar radiation causes damage.

Don’t forget to take heat protection with you on holiday because ultraviolet rays destroy the protein structure of your hair. Always wear a sun hat and use UV-treated hair care products. After a day at sea, you have to wash your hair because chlorine and sea water dry it and rob it of shine!

Useful tips on thermal protection

  • Choosing the right heat protection is essential. Protective products are specially designed to facilitate hair styling, but also to prevent it from overheating.
  • When straightening your hair it is good to use a plate with ceramic coating. This not only protects the hair, because the heat is distributed more evenly, but the ions contained can even give shine to your hair.
  • In general, it is recommended to straighten your hair only when it is dry. In addition, try to dry your hair with cold air to protect the cuticle.
  • Heat protection should be massaged into the hair before starting styling, possibly with a dry towel. The spray should always be sprayed from a distance of 20-30 cm, as it will create a fine coating that not only provides optimal protection but will also prevent hair sticking.
  • Comb it after application to ensure that the thermal protection is evenly distributed.
  • Creams and conditioners should be applied on damp hair, starting from the tips and gradually growing to the roots. Special attention should be paid to the ends of the hair.
  • Immediately after applying thermal protection to the hair, the product should be evenly distributed on all hair using a comb and after this stage you can start to dry, stylize or wash it.


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