4 important habits to practice for a healthy friendship

4 important habits to practice for a healthy friendship
Friendship is known to be one of the most beautiful kind of human connections, that can enrich our life and have a great impact on it.
Making new friends and keeping close the old ones require effort and personal investment, but the way they improve our lives, makes it all worth it and these are some of the habits I find to be very important in nourishing a healthy friendship over time:

Encourage each other

I think one of the most important part in being a good friend is being supportive in any way you can. While passing through a hard or stressful time it’s really assuring to know that we have someone that can help us going through it, but it’s also important to be something reciprocal.

We also need to remember to ask the person if they are emotionally available to take in our issues too.

Tell each other the truth

Showing your friend that you can be trusted, also means telling them the truth. This can apply to calling them out on their bad habits or any other constructive criticism that can help them grow as individual.

Being honest also means that you respect each other, which is a vital element in constructing any kind of healthy relation.

Make time for each other4 important habits to practice for a healthy friendship

Even though you get caught up in your daily activities, making time for a text, a phone call, or a date with your friend is really important. This becomes more challenging in adult life, when many adults find it more difficult to maintain friendships.

A good way in making this happen is to prioritize your activities by also including some time for your friend in your schedule.

Built emotional intimacy

4 important habits to practice for a healthy friendshipI think not only in romantic relations, but also in friendships is important to built emotional intimacy. This means both parties feel comfortable in sharing their honest thought and feeling regarding their deepest fears, dreams, or emotions, as well as feeling understood and listened to while sharing them.

Even though at first it may seem hard, after practicing it in time it can transform your friendship in a very wonderfully close and intimate bonding.



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