Healthy and long hair: Several tips on how to maintain it

Healthy and long hair: Several tips on how to maintain it

Let’s talk about healthy and long hair. My hair is very important to me. I’ve had very long hair my whole life and I got used to it, so that’s not really much of a chore. But some people don’t get it. They think that growing out their hair is hard and that long hair is difficult to maintain. To be honest, hair is difficult to maintain per see.

Longer hair is more challenging, but once you’re used to it, things go smooth sailing. So, with that in mind, I will give you some advice regarding maintaining healthy and long hair!

Don’t wash it on a daily basis!

If you do that, you get rid of the oils and proteins that make your scalp healthy. Washing your hair 3 times a week is ideal, but it depends on the hair type.

Dry it in an efficient way

“What do you mean by that?” Well, drying your hair with a blower is an invasive process that can damage your hair. Don’t overdo it and do it in a short span of time.

Include high-iron food and protein in your diet

Eat vegetables, pumpkin seeds, beans (chickpea, soybeans), and various cereals. These can have a positive impact on your hair.
Healthy and long hair need protein too. Protein is also essential: eat foods that are rich in protein in order to increase your hair’s strength. This will make it thicker and less prone to falling off.

Trim, trim, and trim!

Contrary to popular belief, if you let your hair grow without trimming it, it will be long and unhealthy. Get rid of those split ends! They can damage your hair in the long run and you may not achieve your goal: your hair won’t even grow properly at some point. Cut a bit of it every 6 weeks to stop split ends from growing.

Be careful when you comb wet hair

Combing wet hair can be a challenge, because, when it’s wet, it’s more prone to breakage and falling off. Be careful when you do so. Be gentle and use a wide-toothed comb.

What more can I say? Take care of your hair, of yourselves, and stay healthy! Make sure you have healthy and long hair!


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