Easy ICE CREAM recipe – How to ‘healthify’ your favorite comfort food

ice cream

Ice cream is an absolute necessity for surviving the hottest months of the year. But eating too much of it can lead to unwanted consequences. As one of the foods that are terrifyingly high in sugar, the consumption of ice cream should be regulated and eaten as a treat once in a while. The stifling weather, however, doesn’t help us regulate our cravings. During this boiling season, all we yearn for is cold, refreshing snacks to get us through the day.   

Because of this reason, motivation seemed to have struck me and helped me create an ice cream I can devour repeatedly throughout the day.  

It’s not only a VEGAN ice cream, but it’s also a NICE cream  

healthify-your-favorite-comfort-food-ice-creamNice cream is probably the name used most of the time when talking about homemade dairy-free ice cream. Where does this reference arise from, you ask? It simply originates from the fact that health-wise a vegan option would be more pleasant and nourishing for your body, yet it’s as equally as delicious as the dairy one. One quick scroll on the internet and you’ll find an abundance of these types of recipes. But I’ll share with you my favorite one: peanut butter and salted caramel 


  • 2 full spoons of peanut butter  
  • 10 dates, preferably soaked in warm water beforehand  
  • 4 frozen bananas  
  • 2 cups of plant-based milk of choice  
  • 2 tablespoons of honey or other sweeteners (maple syrup, stevia, etc.)  
  • Half a tablespoon of salt  
  • Crushed peanuts  


The recipe requires a three-step process: the making of the caramel, making the actual ice cream, and then assembling everything.   

Step 1  

Blend the dates with one cup of milk, a tablespoon of sweetener, and salt. Set the sauce aside in a container and use the same blender to make the ice cream.  

Step 2  

Use your remaining cup of milk, bananas, peanut butter, another tablespoon of honey, and a little bit more salt. Let the blender do its job for at least 10 minutes.  

Step 3  

Your dessert is ready to be served. You can either drizzle the caramel sauce on top once transferred into bowls or blend it with the mixture. Don’t forget to sprinkle on top the crushed peanuts.  





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