Owning a pet is for sure a huge challenge which everyone has to take at least once in a lifetime, as the experience of taking care of another creature is life changing. Children need to learn how to deal with certain situations as soon as possible, so having a pet early in life will help them develop many qualities that are going to be extremely helpful in the future. Things like how to manage your responsibilities, how to stick to a schedule or how to help other beings around you could be only a few lessons that your children might learn from the experience of having a pet.
1. FISH are great pets, ideal for small children who can’t handle too many complicated things to do, like grooming or training other animals. All a fish need is a clean place to live, special food to eat and other healthy swimming friends in the aquarium, so at first sight taking care of it seems relaxing, although it’s not maintenance – free.pet
It is known that the only benefit of owning a fish is that kids are more motivated to research and learn more about it, but the truth is there are lots of advantages you have no idea about, like the fact that fish can help patients who suffer from Alzheimer and anxiety and as well they can reduce stress and blood pressure.
2. TURTLES are considered to be low – maintenance pets, although many people don’t knowpet how much special care they need. Turtles can live for decades, so if they are being taken care of properly, they become a lifetime responsibility for their owner.
Those are wonderful and really cool to have pets, but people should become more aware of the fact that having a turtle implies many other things, like cleaning their habitats more often than many of us think.
Since they don’t provoke allergies, they seem to be the perfect pets for small children, the ideal specie of turtle for kids being the Russian turtle, as it is the friendliest and most playful of them all.
3. BIRDS are often considered the ideal first pets, because they are a great way of entertaining children. Not only that they must be fed and taken care of properly every day, but they need as well attention and affection from their owners, fact that is perfect for kids, who are crazy about spending as much time as possible in the company of their pet.
We might say that birds are not the best option for everybody, as they are social and interactive, so the lack of love and attention from their proprietor might cause them serious illnesses.
Owning this type of animals is a really huge test for both the children and their parents, because while kids will start learning how to deal with responsibilities, the older ones will have to learn to be calm and patient, since birds are noisy early risers who sometimes need speciality care from a good avian veterinarian.pet
However, we are all aware of the fact that every little kid is dreaming, from the first years of life, at having, at some point, a cat or a dog, that will become their closest friend. Maybe if they get exactly what they wanted, without being
prepared for it, they will not be able to handle the situation, because they aren’t accustomed to having daily chores, so their parents will be the ones who will take care of the pet, fact that isn’t going to be fun for none of them.
That is exactly why your life as a pet owner should start with a low – maintenance one, at least until you figure out if you are able of dealing with it, considering the fact that not every person is born to love taking care of animals or to be extremely empathic with them.


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