Having 14 girlfriends leads to a coma! We have proof!

14 girlfriends
14 girlfriends
When you want to have too many things at once, you can’t succeed. You either end up having only one thing, or none of them. Too much ambition and determination influenced a guy to engage in 14 relationships at the same time! All went just fine until, one day…

Rakib, a seemingly normal 18-year-old guy, was a bit too much of a lover boy for his age. He has chosen to show his affection to 14 girlfriends. Valentine’s day, which should have been the most “active” day for our young gentleman, it ended some promising activities.

I’m sure that the young guy could easily play in romantic movies. He was quite good at tracking his time and oh, man! When did he have time for 14 girls?

The beginning of the end for Don Juan Rakib

Our hero found all the 14 girlfriends right in this house. I’m curious how he felt knowing that 28 eyes were looking at him with disregard, disgust and even pity for what he had done. This (more than) strange situation led to a shock and, then, a coma for our young man.

Jorina, one of the girlfriends of this Sultan of Anatolia, revealed how she found out the secret of her boyfriend:

“I was really shocked when I found out that rakib had been cheating on me with 13 girls. i have had some doubts in the past. so, one day, i secretely checked his phone and i saw that in his agenda, there were messages with other girls, called “Babygirl” (1,2,3 etc.) I informed the other girls and we planned a special surprise for valentine’s day.”

(Source: filmymantra.com)

His girlfriends went pretty mad about his reaction, even though he deserved it. They declared that they are waiting for Rakib to recover, and I am curious whether the girls would share him again or not.

In my opinion

These kinds of guys are generally called “fuck boys”, and we can see them as soon as we enter the high-school door. Yes, he’s probably tall, blonde and popular. He’s sitting with two recently won “chicks”, which represent a priority to him.

I don’t know what to say about this “Prince Charming”: maybe he was handsome, rich and intelligent. I don’t know what had attracted those girls.

In our day, relationships are more easy to “fabricate” thanks to the Internet. However, I don’t remember hearing about such a “Doctor Love” that 14 girls couldn’t escape his traps. Who knows? Why wouldn’t we do the same?


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