Harry Styles recommends 5 amazing books

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Harry Styles is a pretty famous figure all over the world and it’s no secret that his fans have tried to find out Harry’s literary tastes – and one of those people is me!

So after doing some research and watching multiple videos, I’ve found out some of Harry’s favorite books and I’m willing to share this information with you!

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

My friends already know I myself have been obsessed with this book for over a year – Hesse is an amazing writer and his books have literally influenced my writing style and my literary taste when I was a teen.

It seems that Harry Styles also loves this book and I can totally get why – Harry is a cool guy, right?

Anyways, the book is about the mythical character Siddhartha, mentioned previously in Nietzsche’s book and in many Asian legends, who tries to find a path towards illumination and goes through many situations that test his purity, his faith and his principles.

The book is amazing – and besides Harry having read it, I totally recommend it!

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

We’re going in a complete different literary space – Murakami is a famous Japanese writer whose books have rapidly become bestsellers in Japan and in the entire world. However, he is much more appreciated in America and Europe than he is in Japan – but that is a completely different discussion.

Now, believe me or not, but Harry loves Norwegian Wood! He even declared in an interview at Rolling Stones that “the first book, maybe ever, where all I wanted to do all day was read this.”

The book describes in a very postmodern Japanese manner how people fall in love, how loneliness affects everyone and how, sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, you simply can’t prevent them being hurt – and perhaps these and many other profound aspects of the book made Harry love it so much!

Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield

When discussing with Timothee Chalamet, both Harry and Timo had to pick a book to read for the rest of their lives – and Harry picked Norwegian Wood and Love is a Mixtape. He even asked Timothee if he had ever read the latter one and advised him to immediately go for it, because ”It’s really beautiful” – Harry’s words, not mine!

The book, though not famous yet, depicts a love story between the Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield and his wife, who died very young and unexpectedly. But Harry Styles is totally right, the book is so soft and gentle and stresses the fact that people should pay attention to everyday life, because whatever they have at a certain point might abruptly disappear!


Burning in Water Drowning in Flame by Charles Bukowski

Discussing Bukowski is a very provocative topic for Feminist people, for he is a highly misogynistic writer – at least through his poems and his texts. But Harry really loves this book, and perhaps it’s because Bukowski really understands loneliness and depicts it so accurately!

But Harry liking this book also makes me think about the fact that maybe – it’s only a presumption – he used it as a counter example of how men should see women – we all know how egalitarian and humanitarian Harry Styles is!

But he definitely likes this book, because during one of One Direction’s concerts, a fan threw this book on stage – and Harry took it and read a poem out of it!


After discussing about this, my personal conclusion is that even though Harry seems to like very sad and profound books, he also used literature as a manner of understanding himself and the world around him – and we can totally see it in his songs!

What is your favorite Harry Styles song ?


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