“Happy people read and drink coffee” – book review

Happy people read and drink coffee
Happy people read and drink coffee

To be or not to be happy. What is happiness? Most people say that it comes from inside, but most of the time it is influenced by surroundings and events. Happy people read and drink coffee is written by the French author Agnes Martin-Lugand. It isn’t just a good book, but the perfect embodiment of the path to happiness.

Summarily, the book’s action is centered around the protagonist, Diane. She is an accomplished woman who one day loses her soul, her happiness and her life’s meaning. The book describes Diane’s steps to regain her happiness, but especially to reconcile with her past.

Happy people read and drink coffee

The essence of Happy people read and drink coffee consists of what she does. She wishes to escape the unhappiness balloon, where she lives.

At some point she loses the most important people in her life, this is the first step of reclaiming her happiness, and her actions show that anything is possible, no matter how low you are.

Honestly, I’ve read this book out of curiosity and because it was very popular. I didn’t know that it will have an impact on my self-development.

The way this book is written and its techniques, especially the details, directly create a link with our brain. I started to envy the protagonist, to realize that these goings-on may happen to anyone and anytime, and to enjoy her evolution.

Transposing in real life, the message of the book can be an alarm. Do we really know what is happening deep inside an introvert’s soul, who’s reluctant to communicate?

Unfortunately, we prefer to judge them, not to help them. Our protagonist recovers thanks to the people who are around. It’s true that the ones who left her made her unhappy, but the arrival of others and their support helped her continue the happiness path.

Besides this, even the smallest mishaps can upset us: we are crying when our phone breaks or the tv doesn’t work anymore, we like to communicate by texting and not actually talking. But happiness means only material things? We can buy anything but health, happiness, and souls. If we are unhappy why do we need the most advanced phone since we miss a dear person?

Happy people read

  1. Any human being can bring us happiness, it’s up to us to know to become one, a child can make us smile, a good samaritan can make us happy simply by his good intentions.

We have to be aware of happiness, to see it, to feel it and especially receive it.

We can be happy when we think about someone we love, when we think about what they have done for us, how they have made us a better version and if they get out of our lives, suddenly or slowly we have to see the bright side: they have made us happy, their memory made us happy and maybe they left to make place for another person, to make us… happier.  

 The truth is that we are always happy, all we need to know is how.


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