Handwriting analysis: 3 interesting ways it reveals someone’s personality


Handwriting analysis is a modern form of psychology that identifies personality traits and human characteristics through handwriting. It is also known as Graphology, but it shouldn’t be confused with Graphanalysis, which is the forensic examination of handwritten documents as a branch of questioned document examination according to Wikipedia.

Through handwriting analysis, you can indicate the psychological state of the writer at the time of writing, or you can evaluate personality attributes. Handwriting analysis or Graphology has no scientific backup and it is actually considered a pseudoscience. However, it remains a very beneficial tool that can be used in fields such as psychiatry, experimental psychology and it can also be used for employment profiling. Still, knowing how to analyze a piece of handwriting can help you reveal someone’s personality.


Handwriting analysis


Usually, the slant can answer the questions: ‘Is this person ruled by his heart or his head?’ and ‘Is this person ruled by logical, practical judgment or by feelings and impulsiveness?’

  • Vertical slant – reveals logical thinking and restrained emotions. Someone who doesn’t express their emotions easily.
  • Leftward slant – someone who is perhaps an introvert, enjoys working alone, and has a fear of expressing himself; a person who is rather cold and doesn’t express many emotions.
  • Rightward slant – signifies an emotionally expressive person, someone who enjoys good conversations and making new friends (an extrovert).

The amount of pressure exerted on the paper is the depth of feeling, an indication of the physical and emotional energy/intensity of the writer at the time of writing or in general.

  • Heavy pressure – intense emotions, very deep and enduring feelings, strong vitality; someone who has definite likes and dislikes. A heavy writer feels situations intensely.
  • Medium pressure – a person who has an average level of emotional intensity; someone who is perceptive, has a good memory, and is conservative.
  • Light pressure – someone whose emotions are neither enduring nor intense. This person is gentle and avoids confrontation; someone who is sedentary and prefers an intellectual approach.

The size of the handwriting can indicate one’s personality straight away.

  • Large text – a person who has a big, open personality, someone who is extroverted and outgoing.
  • Medium text – somebody adaptable and well-adjusted; perhaps an ambivert.
  • Small text – suggests an introverted or shy person who is focused and concentrates easily.


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