11 popular Halloween legends and superstitions you should know about


Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival Samhain, when the Celts gathered around the fire and dressed in animal skins to scare away evil spirits. Located somewhere on the border between autumn and winter, between abundance and poverty, between life and death, the celebration of Halloween is a reason for joy but also for superstition.

Legend of Jack O’Lantern


In Ireland lived a drunkard named Jack. One evening, while drinking as usual at his favorite pub, the Devil came to him to ask for his soul. Jack agreed on the condition that the Unclean be honored with another row of drinks.

The devil accepted and turned into a six-penny coin to pay. Jack grabbed the money and slipped it into his leather bag embroidered with a silver cross. Trapped, the Devil was forced to accept the blacksmith’s request, giving him a further ten years to surrender his soul.

Ten years later, the Unclean One showed up to take what he had been promised. But Jack asked for one last favor: for the Devil to pick an apple for him before taking it with him.

The devil agreed and climbed the tree. Then Jack pulled out his knife and carved a cross on the bark of the tree, trapping the Devil again. Jack offered to restore her freedom on the condition that she never return. With no choice, he accepted, and Jack wiped the cross.

When he died on a day of November 1, the blacksmith was not received to Heaven because of his many sins. But he could not go to Hell either, because of the word given by the Devil.

So poor Jack’s soul was left to haunt himself in the dark between the two worlds. In mockery, the Devil gave him a burning ember to light his way. And Jack took a turnip, emptied it of the core and put the embers in it, to protect it from going out.

Since then, this restless soul has been called Jack O’ Lantern, and it appears every year on the eve of his death.

Halloween Superstitions

11 popular Halloween legends and superstitions you should know about

  • It is said that if an unmarried girl puts a rosemary flower and a silver coin under her pillow, she will dream of her fate;
  • If on Halloween night you hear footsteps or noises behind you, you don’t have to go back, because it is said that it is a spirit from the other world who came to take you with him;
  •  If a bat happens to fly around your house or near your house on Halloween night, it is said that there are evil spirits there; halloween
  •  The lit candle in the pumpkin is meant to keep evil spirits at bay;
  •  If you notice a spider in the house on Halloween night, it means that the spirit of a loved one is watching over you;
  •  It is also said that if you attend a dinner on Halloween night, it is good to talk during the meal, so you will encourage nearby spirits to attend the meal;
  •  People born on Halloween night were meant to communicate and see evil spirits;
  • If the bells rang on Halloween night and the ghosts were scared.halloween
  •  it is said that if you have your clothes turned upside down or walk with your back turned on Halloween night, that night you can meet a witch.
  • As they prepared for the feast, the witches rubbed an ointment on their skin that was considered sacred. The ointment gave them the sensation of flight, and if they were bound, the sensation of flight was even stronger.
  •  Some animal shelters in the United States do not allow the adoption of black Halloween cats, as they may be ritually slaughtered.


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