Graduating: Eye-opening things I’ve learned after graduating high school

Graduating: Eye-opening things I've learned after graduating the high school

Let’s talk about graduating. We make a lot of mistakes when we are young and sometimes, we wish we were wiser or smarter. Our parents, older siblings, or friends can help us by giving us a piece of advice, but there are times when situations they have been in do not apply to our lives.

One of the most important things I have learned after graduating high school is that life is a constant lesson and no matter how much you know, there will always be something new to be discovered.


Graduating and university degree. It is a common misconception that the field you are studying in the university will dictate your career. Just think a little bit: does it make sense to work in a field just because you have studied for 3 or 5 years? I am not saying that this is wrong, but most of the time young people tend to choose a field they do not like or they are not sure it is for them.

For instance, you have studied engineering for 4 years because your parents told you so, and now you realize you always wanted to study literature. Now that we have any kind of information at our fingertips, and most of the learning is done alone, without a teacher, what is going to stop us?


It is ok to take a gap year. After graduating high school many young people are confused and do not know what field to study or if they want to go to college. There is no shame to take as much time as you need, nobody is hurrying you. On the other hand, do not fall into the trap of procrastinating and doing nothing for months. Money is a problem that concerns us as young adults. Nobody is hiring us because we are not prepared to work, or we do not have enough experience. It is a good idea to try looking for some to work in in the meantime to gain some experience.


Another eye-opening thing I’ve learned after graduating high school is economy – as a school subject – is extremely underrated. I hated the economy when I was a teenager and I could not understand how is this helping if I am not interested to work in this specific field. Guess what? As I grow up, I realized that not knowing how money work would cause a lot of trouble and make me ignorant. Understanding the basic principles of the economy from an early age and how much money can influence our wellbeing, can help you save a lot of money and make smarter decisions, like investing.


Something I have noticed that many people do, even myself, is to put their happiness in other people. No one is going to make you happy, but yourself. Having someone by your side can be amazing, but more important is to learn to be happy on your own. The idea of a relationship is to be happy with somebody, not to be the source of your happiness.

On the side of the spectrum, I have noticed that many young people believe a relationship could cause a lot of unhappiness. We must accept the fact that – as humans – we depend on other people’s support and affection. Having this in mind can help create beautiful and meaningful relationships, not only romantic relationships but friendships as well. Take care of yourself before and after graduating.


And the last graduating thing I’ve learned, but an important one is networking. As important as finding a job, I consider it extremely important to have a network of people that you can always rely on. Where do you find such people? Going to events, volunteering, going out with a new friend or acquaintance you just made. When I was a teenager, I used to believe that independence would characterize me, but I have realized later on that I cannot do everything by myself and I need people to guide or to help me.

What are the things you would have liked to know before finishing high school?


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