Got separated from your best friend? Look what you can learn!

best friend

Remember all the nights spent with your best friend. You talked and laughed, not carrying about all the tiredness. In those moments, nothing seemed more amazing than having a friend. A person to whom you could say all the crap, being sure that they listened. But now you are not the same anymore. The flashbacks can hurt you. But look what you can learn from it!

The best friend became a stranger, someone we still say hello to, but only mechanical.


How did this happen?
Sorry to disappoint you, but nobody knows for sure. That spark lost its intensity until it just disappeared.  You were watching petrified, unable to save your friendship. Nothing was going to be as it used to be once. The laughter stopped, the tears appeared. Each desperate try was a terrible disappointment, because

Your friendship was victim to a incurrable disease: the time.


Your friendship is over, but the great experiences are still there.

It contributed to your evolution as a person and it made you realize more things about yourself than you ever imagined.

Here you have some opinions from the ones who are still optimistic. They understood that not all things are bound to take a lifetime:

“I think that each friendship influences a part of our life.”

“We slowly evolve and we choose different paths, but it’s not a bad thing. After all, we should acknowledge the beautiful moments we had together.” – Michael

Don't let your friends down


“When they ask me about my former friendships, people are usually interested in what I learned from them and how they did affect me.

I supposed we got used to being disappointed…

I learned only a few lessons. But man, were they useful! The most important aspect was that I am never alone. No matter what and how many problems you have, people who understand can be found anywhere. Maybe it doesn’t seem WHOAA, but it was a crucial experience for me. Another aspect, without whom I wouldn’t be the same person today, is that

Temporary people have a (temporary) purpose in your life.



I found out that I can be loved.

I am not a bad witch, I don’t have only defects. I can be accepted as I am. Last but not least, I learned that each wound heals. You can recover, you can keep living your life.” – Miruna

“The former friendships showed me what I actually want from a person. For me, a friend means a sibling, someone who should be there for me in the beautiful moments, but also in the uglier ones. A friend is someone who makes you happy.” – Monica

“I used to have a best friend in middle school. She was my favorite person. Unfortunately, her new group of friends slowly drove us away. However, I learned a lot good things from this girl: sincerity, confidence, etc. I stopped judging myself

I can say that thanks to her, I learned to hold the dear people closer. From another former friend I learned self-control, but also to spend more time with close people. I think that we should never regret a friendship. In fact, there’s no use in regretting something we can’t change. Don’t allow the regret to keep you stuck in the past. Life is temporary, people are temporary, everything is temporary. You have to live in the moment!” – Roxana


Now it is your turn to answer:

What can you learn from a screwed-up friendship?



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