Google – the famous search engine between evolution and involution


How is Google Search Affecting Our Intelligence?

At this moment Google is one of the most popular search engines in the entire world. The Google search volume is increasing year by year. Generally, it flaunts before our eyes various topics as new-trend technology, celebrities at their first red carpet, make-up tips or even political schemers. It is utterly a virtual mirror of the entire world – at the touch of a button. Fascinating, right? Not in the long run – overview. Whereas recent studies have shown that our cognitive development and intelligence could be seriously affected by simply searching for an item.

Google – the famous search engine between evolution and involution

The Idea of Multiple Streams

When one is introducing a simple request, Google immediately generates a flood of answers. This extraordinary potential of Google lures millions turning them into regular users. In this case here is the problem: the bulk of existing information encourages individuals to throw an eye on the multiple media incoming streams. This click away- availability of information comes in a short span of time and  affects individual critical thinking.

Transactive memory processes the knowledge fast and is less probably to maintain itself. Unexpectedly, we retain much harder the information which we find easier. Hence, there is a discrepancy between the abundance of data and the sieve-like memory which directly affects the learning ability.

Google – the famous search engine between evolution and involution

A New Way To Think

More and more states embrace the digitalised way of spending free time. A large population of individuals ranging from 20-35 is gravely engaged in online gaming. According to the world psychology association survey, this may cause significant damages to the to the orbitofrontal cortex responsible for decision making. Mere anyone is left who does not say: let’s Google it!. This illustrates how increasing reliance on the technology transforms what we think.

Google – the famous search engine between evolution and involution

Changes in Our Social Structure

Top searches belong to the Google brand itself. Youtube, hotmail, G-mail are very famous attracting more and more users. This illustrates how particular aspects of the social media networking affect our lives.  The very forged idea of  <<social>> could invoke some non identical cognitive process in brain.

The actual situation presents an everyday Google-buster that is going to gain more and more searchers. In addition, the quantity of information people have been looking for years has now appeared at a click of a finger. Moreover, we need to differentiate between a ready-made piece of information and the real process of learning. Why? Because the brain is in need of real activity and authentic social connections. Technology serves us best, however it stays our hands to master, in order not to be mastered.



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