Glow-up: 2 easy ways to do it long-term

how to glow-up long-term


glow-up Investing is a weird concept when you apply it to yourself, but rather a really important one. You’d also think that you need money to become a better self, to become a really good-looking, intelligent person, but it all comes from your intentions.

On the other hand, thinking that you are already really smart, great, kind, that you possess all the values you want to is pretty toxic for your mental health. The right path is always the one that does not go into exaggeration, so not too much, but not too little.

In this day and age, when we’re all either scrolling through Instagram or Tik-Tok or watching Youtube videos, the act of „glowing-up” has become more of a trend rather than an intention.

Glow-up: 2 easy ways to do it long-term

Yes, you’re supposed to want to become a better version of yourself, but you definitely don’t want to change over and over again until you become obsessed with the activity and not satisfied with anything you get.

This being said, I will try to give you some examples of what you can do to have a glow-up other than get your nails done, dye your hair or buy new clothes to fit your new, much-developed sense of style.

  1. Try discovering your creative side glow-up


There are a lot of young people who label themselves as „not creative” and I really believe there is no such thing. I agree that to some extent some people are more creative than others or that some enjoy creating things rather than learning formulas- but I also think that we are different from animals because we can think, and thinking is something that is really bounded to creativity.


Glow-up: 2 easy ways to do it long-term

We all have artist friends that are just painters, singers, actors because this is what they are best at, and for a long time, this stopped me from being myself, but the fact that someone else is better than you at something, does not mean that you are not good or that you should not enjoy it.

So try to invest in yourself by picking up a painting brush, just for yourself and paint something, or pick up that guitar you left at your grandma’s because you felt weird having it in your room when your guitarist best friend came over.

Only the fact that you try to think about stuff, writing it down will make you stronger and boost your confidence more than you could even imagine.

You can here try: painting, drawing, writing, making something with your hands- altering your clothes, baking, cooking, DIY-ing something, singing, acting, just something that gets your mind wandering. glow-up


  1. Try reading something you’ve always been interested in glow-up glow-up

glow-Let’s say you’ve always heard people talking about the Second World War, but you never knew what really happened and you never had enough time to read about it. Find 5 minutes to read about it NOW.Glow-up: 2 easy ways to do it long-term

Just by taking 5 minutes when you could have watched half of a Youtube video, just make the intentional decision to read about it. glow-up

I know Wikipedia is not a really secure choice for informing about things and we’ve been hearing about this for as long as it’s been around, but when you enter the Wikipedia page, they give you some ideas of things that might interest you (they have a category called “random articles” on the left side of the main page –  or read a magazine for more short articles about anything that interests you – if you are interested about more history articles, check out this category on our site :


Glowing-up does not really come from the outside. It’s true, you might feel more motivated if you have your nails sorted out, your hair nice and clean, a nice outfit on or your room clean, but your really long-term glow-up comes from being at peace with yourself, knowing yourself, your habits, your strenghts, your weaknesses, your traits, your passions.

Try to invest time in this glow-up and why not, mix it with the exterior glow-up and who knows, maybe you’ll rule the world with your power.




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