Giving a speech: 5 tips to feel more confident

giving a speech

Before giving a speech in front of an audience, you should prepare your words very well: you need to find a topic that interests you, do some research, think over the most important ideas and shape your speech with clear statements and examples. When you have an idea in your mind and a powerful wish to deliver it, your speech will have many chances to be successful.


Prepare before giving a speech

To prepare a speech, you have to gather enough information on the topic, but also to filter the ideas in your mind. If you read an interesting article, you shouldn’t repeat the ideas written by the author, but you should state your own view on the topic. The written information must be the starting point in your speech; next, you should analyze those ideas and see whether you agree with them or not. Then, you plan and organize your own thoughts on the topic, come up with examples to illustrate your topic, and develop a personal point of view on the subject.


Meditate on your topic

giving a speech

The best speech someone can give is the one that highlights his own experience and reflection. You need to discover what are the most important ideas on the topic, mediate on these ideas, and write down any thought that crosses your mind and is related to the topic. Writing down helps you organize your thoughts and revise them later; it also gives you a clearer image of the purpose of the speech. Some reproduced ideas from books will not be as successful as your own ideas, filtered in your mind and supported by examples.


Develop your ideas

giving a speech

The more you mediate on your speech, the more complex your ideas will become. Whenever you have some spare time, meditate on the ideas that matter to you, and think of how you can use them to shape your discourse. Ask every question that crosses your mind and write down every thought, discuss the topic with your friends and find out different opinions. The process will help you find many more directions that you can follow and the ideas and examples will easily follow from your preparation.


Stick to the point

Think about your audience and how they can benefit from your discourse. Select the most interesting ideas on which you should focus during the speech. You can have two or three important ideas that you can develop. Your discourse has to be clear, easy to remember and should be based on some specific points. The technical or abstract aspects of the topic are difficult to understand in a speech, but the general ideas and practical examples from real life are more interesting and easy to remember.


Know the topic very well

giving a speech

Read about the topic and gather as much material as possible to extract only a few important ideas. When you gather much data and information on a topic, you will feel more comfortable when giving a speech and have more confidence. Support your own ideas with the information that you have assimilated so that you are more convincing when giving a speech.


Knowing how to speak in public is one of the most important skills in our lives. You need to show willingness, perseverance and practice public speaking to become a great speaker. You have to know exactly what is your topic and have courage to express your ideas in front of others. And you need to practice a lot until you become confident when giving a speech.


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