Gift ideas for your cat


With Christmas coming up, your thoughts must be all about the gifts that you have to give. In between the lists of people that you have yet to buy for, and those that still need their gift wrapped, don’t forget your fur baby. Here are some gift ideas for your cat, to make the process easier.

A blanket

Alike to gifting friends mugs and socks, giving your cat a fluffy blanket is a classic gift that works every time. One can never have too many blankets or throws, because unlike other presents, if your cat doesn’t want to use it, you can. Therefore, this is a two-in-one present.

If you do want to make sure your cat makes the most out of this gift, I recommend getting a spray with catnip alongside it. All you need is one or two puffs on the blanket, and I can guarantee it will become your cat’s new favourite thing. You could also use it yourself at first and then leave it around for your cat to sit on it, as cats tend to like things that smell of their owners.

A cat bed

An upgrade from a simple blanket is getting your cat a bed of their own. You can place it in a room where you spend most of your time in. That way, they can relax knowing you’re around.

What’s great about a bed is that if you want to move your fur baby around the house (or even outside the house) it’s much easier to do so. You just pick up the bed by its sides, rather than try and grab your pet without disturbing them too much.

A water fountain

Want something cute but also practical? Then get your cat a water fountain. Not only is it very adorable, but there are so many reasons why you should upgrade from a normal water bowl.

A water fountain usually comes with a filter in its motor, removing impurities found in the water from the tap. It also clears dirt and other gunk from the water, which usually ends up accumulating at the bottom of a normal bowl. A fountain can usually hold around a couple of litres of water, saving you from having to refill it as often as usual.

Most importantly, the fountain water is circulated, meaning that it saves you from the risks faced when having a water bowl. Standing water is a great breeding ground for bacteria.

An automatic treat dispenser

Even though this pandemic has kept us all indoors, close to our pets, that’s not meant we’ve also been given more time to spend with them. If you happen to have a needy cat that doesn’t want to leave you alone during meetings or online classes, a treat dispenser is what you’re looking for.

There are different versions of these, some have the option to give out a treat at certain intervals, while others let you do it via a remote control. Both options are great, as they will help keep your cat happy and entertained. Just make sure not to overdo it with the treats.

Your fur baby is part of the family too, so don’t forget to get them something this Christmas. There is something for all budgets in these gift ideas for cats. Happy holidays for humans and pets alike!


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