Gift ideas for the minimalist in your life

Shopping for gifts is hard enough as it is. But what do you do when you have someone who is dedicated to owning less? Here are some gift ideas that will make their day. The key is to get them products that will not cause clutter in their homes, and ideally, that they can use up.

A hamper of goodies

Christmas is a time filled with the things we love. So why not gather all the things they like and gift it to them? Pick a festive box, or even a picnic basket, and fill it up. If they have a favourite drink, like a wine or maybe an artisanal beer. You can also add some snacks you know they love, be they savoury or sweet.
Another idea is to think of a dish they love, and but the ingredients for it, so they can make it themselves. On a smaller scale, this works great with hot chocolate. You can buy them a mug, a bar of chocolate, and some marshmallows, and wrap it all up with a lovely bow.


If you are after a more classic gift, you can never go wrong with a perfume. There are great options for all budgets. If you don’t have too much money to spend, retail stores like Zara have some great perfumes that smell amazing, and you can find scents that will suit those who prefer something light and floral, as well as for those that want a stronger, maybe more muskier scent.
When buying a perfume, keep in mind the person you are shopping for. If they already have a perfume they wear often, that’s their signature scent, you could always go for something that complements it, so they have something different to wear. Or you can buy something with a similar scent, so they have more to chose from. And if they don’t really wear perfume, you might just gift them the bottle that will become their signature scent.

Scented candles

I might be biased, but I honestly don’t think you can ever go wrong with a scented candle as a gift. It fits any budget. Even if you buy a cheaper one, you can always find one that looks sleek and stylish. They make a great addition to the house, as they look good and smell good, and when the wax is all melted, the glass jar can be reused.
Just like with buying a perfume, I recommend taking into consideration what smells the person you are buying for likes. Candles come in such a variety of scents so you are bound to find one that will be perfect for them. If you are not sure, play it safe and go with neutral, fresh smells.
Shopping for gifts can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you have to take into consideration multiple factors besides personal taste, such as lifestyle. But shopping for the minimalist in your life doesn’t have to seem daunting, and I hope these gift ideas helped.


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