Germany cuts its forest for the first Tesla plant in Europe!


We have all heard “There is nowhere like Germany” and it is partially true. Germany’s economy and the way it is organized have made Europeans perceive it as a model to follow. However, the press was surprised when they heard that Germany was cutting forests for the first Tesla plant in Europe.

According to Digi24, the US company Tesla has received approval to continue cutting the forest near Berlin, where the US giant will build its first Tesla plant in Europe.

You may be wondering how such a decision was made?

Well, upon hearing the news that Elon Musk will build a second factory for the “car of the future” in Europe, environmental activists have challenged its construction. The German court finally approved, allowing the Berlin trees to be cut down.

Europe’s first Tesla plant will build batteries, electric propulsion systems, and cars. Moreover, the inaugural model will be the Model Y electric SUV.

Like in any situation involving the construction of a factory, there were two parties: politicians, unions and representative groups for the German and environmental industries. The first group considers it a way that will bring new opportunities to the German state. Second, well, we know why they are militating. They want to warn us about “various and widespread problems with a drinking water supply and wastewater disposal. ”

One by one, with so much agitation in the press, Germany is reaching another important step in strengthening Europe’s “titan” role. We can say that the status of “Great power” has been maintained but in a different form. And, in my opinion, I can tell you just that: anything that goes well is a step forward. After all, it remains to be seen if the electric car is that step or just another trap.

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