Geocaching: a Treasure Hunt Fit For Every Season

geocaching a treasure hunt

If you are in search of a new outdoor activity, Geocaching might be the answer. Simply put, Geocaching is a treasure hunt suited for everybody regardless of age. The items that you have to find are called (geo)caches, but you can’t take them home with you. Why? Because their value is symbolic; the real prize is the experience of going out into the unknown and exploring new places.

It might sound confusing at first, but let me explain the main aspects.

What exactly is a geocache?

The cache is basically a container that holds various items inside. Its dimensions vary from micro (which means it is as small as a film canister) to large (which might be the size of a shoebox or even bigger). Both types are fun for different reasons: the micro ones are harder to find and the regular ones often enclose other articles, such as little plastic figures.

Regardless of its dimensions, a geocache usually contains a logbook.

Geocaching: a Treasure Hunt Fit For Every Season
Geocaches found in my area

This is a piece of paper where people sign their name and the date they found the geocache, then put it back and hide the cache in the same way they found it. After that, you open the app and log the geocache as found.

Trackables are special items. They are physical objects that travel from one container to another. They can be anything, from official game coins to T-shirts. Players who find them in one place have to relocate them in a maximum of two weeks and log the change onto the app to let the other players know of the change.

What do you need to start Geocaching?

The only essential item is a smartphone with a mobile data connection. All you have to do is to download the Geocaching app, make an account, turn on the location setting on your phone, and you’re ready to go! The app will show you the geocaches hidden in your area or in whatever location you want to explore.

Once you choose a particular cache, the app will show you the details, such as the description of the zone, difficulty, the cache’s dimensions, and its coordinates. Moreover, it will guide you to your chosen destination via the navigation feature. But what if you want to find a cache in a park? You can’t possibly search everywhere! Rest assured, geocaches usually have certain clues or riddles that will lead you to it. Think outside of the box, check the hiding spots carefully, and you will succeed!

Before going further, I have to mention that the app shows only simple geocaches. The more difficult ones are available if you upgrade your account to a premium one. The price is affordable, and you should be able to cancel it anytime.

Why should you try it?

🌿 Firstly, because it’s an exciting task. Geocaching combines physical activity with detective work in an entertaining way. It brings back the joy of childhood games, but it also helps you to develop your attention to detail and your patience. From my experience, some geocaches can be quite tricky and so well concealed that it’s almost frustrating.

🌿 Secondly, Geocaching will awaken your adventure spirit. Since the boxes are placed almost everywhere, a treasure hunt might help you see your boring little town in a new light. And if there aren’t any in your area, you can place one yourself: just follow the directions from the official Geocaching site to make sure other players can enjoy it.

And if you find yourself in a new city for college, you can discover it by searching for caches. An exploration game is the best way to deal with a change in your life. Likewise, you can go on a cache hunt while on vacation and learn something new about the area as well.

🌿Thirdly, Geocaching is a versatile activity. Depending on your location, you can pursue it all year round: sometimes as a simple walk or a car ride and other times as a journey throughout the country. Additionally, you can do it all by yourself or with your friends. Or, who knows, you might find new friends along the way! Since caches are hidden in remote locations such as natural reservations, you can search from them safely, following the health safety measures imposed by the pandemic.

I hope I have sparked your interest in Geocaching because it’s an excellent way to spend your time outdoors, exploring. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Who knows, maybe someday our paths will cross while searching for the next cache!


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