Friendship over time


Over time, the image of friendship has been shaped by important characteristics, such as trust, respect, understanding or help.

The list can go on and on well with dozens of other adjectives that can be used to define a friendship. But I’d rather just stop at these four, and eventually, let you imagine the rest. Even though friendship is not the first relationship we form with the people around us, it will always remain one of the most important relationships between people. Let’s talk about friendship over time.

Friendship allows us to decide on our behalf the people we want in our lives and how we are willing to offer them the support they need. These people face their negative thoughts and go through their difficult times, just like you. They have their dreams, ideas, ambitions, and goals that they want to achieve, just like you.

To strengthen a true friendship, we must find the power to understand a few things that can have both positive and negative effects on both characters in the story.

From my own experience, I can tell you that it is not easy to do. I have often been hindered by obstacles that I was not sure I would overcome, but I kept quiet and began to slowly learn what it means to build something from scratch, to build something priceless, like these friendships we are talking about.

The abundance of things you have in common is by far not one of the factors in favor of developing a friendship.

What is fair, and things in common have their meaning and importance, but we must not neglect their hobbies or passions just to find as many common activities as possible. While spending time with friends is important, spending time with yourself must remain one of your priorities. It is your time, which contributes to your personal development in various plans, having a final destination the transformation of your present self into an improved version of your person.

Mutual help in a friendship is one of the best ways to strengthen this type of relationship.

Both you and your friend will struggle with a lot of things that will cause you problems, smaller or bigger. You have to be strong enough to overcome these difficulties and aware enough to realize that these difficulties that you have to face can be overcome together and also, on your own.

We must reconcile with the idea that we cannot force anyone to receive the help we are willing to offer, whether this person is dear, just an acquaintance or even a simple stranger we meet on the street.

We represent only a way that can be used by the person concerned to help himself or herself.

There are various resources, such as energy resources, which can only be used until a well-defined time, a time of mental and physical exhaustion. Well, now tell me. Is it worth fighting for until you are exhausted for a person who is not even able to appreciate your good intentions, help, and effort? Is it worth it for a person who is not able to show you the minimum of gratitude for your support? I tell you. It’s not worth it.

Learn to divide your time most efficiently, to pay the necessary attention to your friends, family, relationships and, last but not least, yourself.

There are many situations where the plans made a week ago with the family members overlap with the plans made two or three days ago with the group of friends. We all have to be mature and understand that it cannot happen all at once. If we had the opportunity to be in two different places at the same time, I think most would choose this way. Unfortunately, this cannot be brought to reality. Thus, we are in a position to make difficult decisions, decisions that can provoke negative emotions towards the people around us.

I think the living environment we live in is already quite chaotic.

Why should we complicate it? We need to balance more than ever, and we are the only ones who can restore it. It is mandatory that we realize that time does not wait for anyone, but, on the contrary, it accelerates the pace of all things. We have been and we will always be in a continuous battle with it. But I managed to convince him to raise the white flag for you. He promised me he would take care of your friends by placing them under his bandage.

Now it’s all up to you. Will you put your trust in his hands?



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