When it comes to friendships, I usually think about falsehood. Am I  the only one who hasn’t understood yet how it is like to have a real friend? How can good friends become… frenemies?

I want to get to know what a friend is. I will get to talk about it from my point of view.

Now I want to feel at least once that friendship that can be described as the ones in the books I read, where it was presented exactly as I would like it to be for all of us.

Why do I often think about falsehood? Frenemies are everywhere. Most certainly because I am sure that each one of us had at least once in his life a false friend, whom at one point he felt as an enemy.

I believe in true friendships, there are friendships that have lasted years and years, going through difficulties and dark days.

Currently, you  can’t find a true friendship anymore, we are concerned about other factors that I might call disruptive.

For me, friendship is not limited to the times when we go out, laugh, joke and everything is perfect. True friendship crosses this border and overcomes obstacles, regardless of circumstances.

I prefer not to trust anyone, I was disappointed by friends I now call acquaintances. I never expected to be betrayed by the people for whom I would have done anything.

The worst time in a friendship is when you burn down the bridges.

Everyone begins a new life practically, or if they feel good and think, each one returns to the path he left behind. I lived this experience when I was high school. Both myself and my friend started to meet new people, during times we were moving away and when we met our conversations were small talks.

I didn’t really know what to talk to her about, all because she had new friends, with whom she spent most of her time. So many feeling flying through me heart: jealousy, sadness and anger.

My best friend had gone, I have lost her.

I was very upset, until I began to realize that my attempts to excuse her for all the times she was ignoring me were my mistakes. I was lying to myself with still little hope that she would not put her pride before our friendship. We have become frenemies.

So, let’s think about this, how many of our ‘friends’ would be there when we need them? Like  when we feel empty inside… How many of them would be happy when we were successful? How many  friends we really have and how many enemies?

Let’s change this. Let’s forget about envy and pride.

Don’t let these things take over you. In order to receive, we must offer in return. We are too proud to be able to offer sincere friendships based on love and respect, not only on jokes.

You  should distance yourself from the people who want you in their life just for beautiful moments. Take care with whom you make friends and to whom you give your soul. Choose your friends next to whom you can be yourself!

In conclusion: “Don’t burn the bridges with your closest friends! Even if you  build it back again, the scars will always be there”


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