Free e-books: 3 websites where you can get them

3 sites for free e-books

E-books are really useful in this day and age. One can save up on a lot of space if they decide to get electronic books instead of physical ones. Moreover, audiobooks are becoming more and more popular, making reading inclusive for people who may struggle with their eyesight. In this amazing climate where books are more accessible than ever, it can still be a bit tricky to find free e-books on the internet. Thus, I decided to make a list of three sites that offer e-books and audiobooks for free.

1. LibriVox: an audiobook paradise

LibriVox doesn’t technically offer e-books, but rather audiobooks. However, if you ever wanted to listen to an audiobook, but never wanted to get a monthly subscription such as Audible, you can try LibriVox instead, since it offers them for free.

The books from LibriVox are no longer under copyright in the USA. If you are not living in the USA, the site highly advises you to check if the books are under copyright in your country before downloading them. You can even volunteer to read books in any language that you speak, so if you ever wanted to do something like this, this is a great opportunity!

2. Project Gutenberg: the homeland of e-books

Project Gutenberg is a great site if you are looking for free e-books. The founder of this project, Michael S. Heart, is the one who created e-books. Through this site, he makes a variety of books available to the wide public. There are books in multiple languages, and Project Gutenberg also offers audiobooks for those who prefer them.

3. Internet Archive: an amalgam of everything for everyone

Internet Archive is the site that I first stumbled upon when frantically looking for the books I needed for a school project. Needless to say, this site has saved me constantly ever since then, all due to the large selection of books it offers, ranging from prose and poetry to certain specialty books.

This amazing archive also offers content in various forms. I have found magazines, movies, textbooks and even manga on Internet Archive. I highly recommend it for people who struggle to find books or materials for their research, or people who just want to know more. It works like a real library, so you might have to wait for some materials to be available, and you also can only have some for a limited time.

I hope you have found this list useful. We are passionate about books and learning more about the world, so if you are curious about what else we can recommend, we have more articles on it!



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