Four haute couture designers to make you fall in love with fashion


The fashion world changed drastically in 2020. And while many fashion designers try to find a way to adapt to this situation, we, the general public, tend to go back to the past for comfort. I am no expert by any means, but I believe fashion is an art that everyone, no matter the knowledge, can admire and get inspiration from. That is why I made a list with four of my favorite haute couture designers that, I hope, would make people more interested in this sort of art form.

Paul Vasileff

Better known for the name of his fashion house, Paolo SebastianPaul Vasileff started his own brand in 2007, when he was only seventeen. Being an Australian native, the designer achieved to convert his local brand into an international couture house, having famous clients such as Kim KardashianKaty Perry, and Gillian Anderson.

What I like most about his pieces is that they are fairytale-like. Every collection has a theme and tells a story. His Once Upon A Dream collection (my favorite one so far) was made in collaboration with Disney. It’s easier this way to imagine yourself wearing those while attending a ball and dancing with Prince Charming.

Thierry Mugler

Doing a 180, the next designer I’m going to mention is Thierry Mugler. The French couturier had his international breakthrough in the 80s and 90s, but he didn’t complete his first haute couture collection until 1992. Apart from being a designer, Mugler also has shown interest in photographyperfume making, and directing short films, advertising films, and video clips. Although he retired from his clothing brand in 2003, the couturier continued to collaborate with big names such as Cirque du SoleilBeyoncé, and Kim Kardashian.

His pieces might have been considered peculiar and futuristic back in the day, but they were revolutionary nonetheless. Today, we may see many of them in music videos and at award ceremonies. This shows us how much the fashion world has evolved.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab started his journey in fashion in 1981, when he moved to Paris to study. However, the Lebanese designer dropped out later to return to Beirut, and started his own label, specializing in bridal couture at first. This is how he came to dress Halle Berry for the 2002 Oscars, becoming the first Lebanese designer to dress a winner of this award. One year later, the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture made him a member, being the first Arab to be included in this governing body. In the same year, Saab had his first haute couture collection shown in Paris. His rise to notoriety made him dress multiple actresses, singers, and even royals. In fact, the first British royal to be dressed in one of his pieces was Kate Middleton. She wore a Saab gown at Royal Ascot in 2019.

I believe his way of introducing different cultures through his designs is what makes his pieces so special. Also, the different expensive fabrics he uses, such as taffeta, organza, and satin, in combination with lace, Swarovski crystals, pearls, and detailed embroidery, give his collections a noble air.

Karl Lagerfeld

It’s no surprise if you have already heard of this German designer. If you have not, I’m sure you know about Chanel or Fendi. However, Karl Lagerfeld was an overall icon. And that’s not only for his collections, but for the way he presented himself as well: white hair, black sunglasses, fingerless gloves, and strangely high and stiff collars. He was also quite a controversial figure, but one to be admired for his lavish way of living. His death in 2019 definitely shook the fashion world to the core.

His 80s and 90s collections are the ones that catch my attention most of the time. I can’t deny that some of his most recent pieces have a certain charm though. We’re talking about Chanel, after all.


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