Forcapil, a most appreciated product for hair and nails!


Many girls and boys confront themselves with image problems that sometimes stem from their hair loss or fragile nails. And, like all the others, so did I. Let’s get things straight from the beginning: Forcapil is a supplement for hair and nails. So if your hair falls out or you have fragile, thin nails that break quickly, Forcapil is all you could have ever wanted.

When I saw Forcapil for the first time, I didn’t think it was that amazing.

However, at the recommendation of a friend, I had to try it. Good thing I got to buy it from the pharmacy before it was sold out. There were only 2 bottles left of the stuff!

Sold out in 48 hours!


Forcapil is a dietary supplement with a high biotin content, specifically B7. It is known to be a vitamin B complex that protects hair and skin. Vitamin B7 deficiency causes fatigue, seborrheic dermatitis, depression and other negative effects.

The human body cannot produce it on its own. So it’s found in foods or dietary supplements such as Forcapil. This, of course, I tell you from the leaflet that came with the pills. I am neither a doctor nor a pharmacist. But you must always read the leaflet of each product purchased.

What is even more beneficial is the fact that Forcapil helps both the health of our hair and our nails. If you have brittle nails that exfoliate quickly and break easily, Forcapil can be a real life saver. Biotin is also essential for having good memory.

I tell you about my own experience with Forcapil, the one for hair and nails, with 180 capsules.

3 months ago, I had a semi-permanent manicure done at the salon, all good and beautiful. They lasted a solid month, after which the madness with Coronavirus started and I couldn’t go and fill them in. So, out of boredom, I took them off. I couldn’t have done a stupider thing, because I ended up with half a layer of peeled skin, actually of flesh! You couldn’t imagine the nail sensitivity I ended up with!

Lucky me that I had taken daily Forcapil hair and nail pills for 2 months before the incident.

Why did I say that? Because the nails completely regenerated in 3 weeks!


I still have the pills, for hair and nails, that literally helped me and I while I was using them, I clearly saw the great results they brought.

And now, when I see how many questions people ask online and in pharmacies, I don’t know whether to laugh or wonder.

The most common: “Will I gain weight if I take Forcapil?”

No, Forcapil doesn’t make you plus sized, because if it did, millions of people around the world would have become overweight since they took Forcapil in their lifetime. I, who never had more than 50 kg, did not gain weight. And I really wanted about 5 kg more. That’s right, as a matter of fact.

Another common question: “How should I take Forcapil?”

Written wide on the box is that you can take 2 pills in the morning, after breakfast, with a glass of water. Check that leaflet from start to finish before administering it!

I tested it, I liked the shine it gave my hair, how healthy it looks now, and most importantly, I was amazed that it is no longer falling out. After me, acquaintances started taking it. Forcapil is a very good product, otherwise it would not have been sold out within 48 hours of restocking.

And because it is a very good product that I tried for 4 months before telling you about it, I also looked for the cheapest prices for you!



The first option is with the Forcapil I tried, the one for hair and nails, in a bottle with 180 capsules that will last you 3 months without any worries. The second option is only for hair, more concentrated, at half the price, with the active ingredient keratin. Try it and thank me later!

P.S: I took 4 bottles before I left the links for you, otherwise I certainly couldn’t have bought any. Grab the product while it’s still in stock!


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