5 foods you must avoid if you are trying to lose weight fast


Everyone wants to lose weight faster than waiting a long time to see results. When we think about weight loss, it is common to focus on the foods we can eat. But it is important to take into account some foods to avoid if you follow a diet in order to lose weight fast and to get healthier. This will make it easier for you to choose your food when you plan your weekly menu.

In the following, discover a list of foods to avoid when following a diet and want to lose weight faster and easier. However, it is understandable if you have a craving for certain unhealthy foods, especially if you do not have another option available. In this case, always apply the principle of moderation.

Caloric bars

The most common ingredients in these products are fructose and starch syrup, meaning sugar! Such a calorie bar has in its composition over 30 ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. But how can a sugar-coated product be healthy? Dietitians advise us to try as much as possible to take minerals and vitamins from natural products, i.e. from unprocessed foods. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are a very good source from which we can get these elements.

Dietary juices

When it comes to misleading buyers, dietary refreshments are at the top of the list. Of course, on the box or on the bottle always write 0 calories or 0% calories, in order to attract customers. What they don’t know is that, in addition to calories, the drink also has protein and fiber, essential elements for proper digestion. These soft drinks also contain about 30 milligrams of sodium in each dose. Researchers believe that a high-sodium diet causes high blood pressure. So, the best drink during the diet is water.

“Special” coffees

Of course, coffee with milk cream, foam, ice cream, and plenty of sugar can be much tastier than a regular one, but is it worth consuming, in this version? Of course not, this being one of the forbidden foods, given the fact that it has extremely many calories. Do you want a coffee? Consume a regular one, with a little brown sugar and make yourself hungry. A kettle coffee is the healthiest option.


French fries are one of the main foods to avoid if you want to lose weight fast. No wonder many people consider them harmful to health. However, potatoes should not be completely eliminated from the diet. It all depends on the form in which you consume them. A potato boiled in water or steam, possibly cooked in the oven gives you a lot of energy and fiber.

The main problem with these variants is that a very small portion has an excessive amount of calories. In addition, we often eat much more than we should. There are studies on the consumption of these foods that have shown that they affect general health and stimulate weight gain in a short time.

If you feel like eating chips, cook them better at home, in the oven. To give them flavor, add some spices and try several options. If you prefer something ordinary, add only salt and pepper. You will get the same taste without risking your health and without your food containing an excessive amount of calories.

White bread, cakes, and similar foods

The last items on the list of foods to avoid if you are trying to lose weight fast are those prepared with refined flour. White bread usually contains a large amount of sugars. For this reason, it changes the level of glucose in the blood.

Moreover, due to the fact that it is prepared with refined flour, it has a low amount of fiber. That is why even eating two slices of white bread a day increases the chances of suffering from obesity. Biscuits, cakes, and other products that contain trans fatty acids are extremely unhealthy. Although they are delicious, they are harmful to health, and it is better to avoid them.

If you fancy a slice of cake or biscuits, make sure they are not processed. These are less common and may take some time to get used to, but they are healthier. Apart from that, there is another excellent option: prepare your own desserts at home with coconut flour, seeds, and dark chocolate. Thus, you will be able to satisfy your cravings without gaining weight or risking your health.


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