Flat Earth researchers confirm: “Coronavirus isn’t spherical!”

Coronavirus isn't spherical

There’s no need to remind you about what “nCoV2019”, “COVID-19” or simply “Coronavirus” stands for. The whole Globe knows about the dangerous infection already. Since the last days of 2019 up until the present, the virus has spread in dozens of countries. It has severely affected people and national economies. Flat Earth researchers confirm: “The Coronavirus isn’t spherical!”

Even though they don’t deny its effects, a few researchers, adepts of the “Flat Earth” theory, are warning us.

They claim that mass manipulation continues. People are being led to believe that spheres are not only fundamental planetary elements but microscopical as well.

“We’ve run multiple lab tests where we demonstrated that the virus doesn’t have a spherical shape like mass media would like you to believe by looking at the images they post. No doubt, although its effects are grave, we deduce that mass media and the political interests try to induce a new hoax. It just has a bidimensional shape, flat, far from the shape shown in public imagery”, declared Barney Stone, a virologist from Marymain State University, Montana, USA.

Ashkhalid Rami, a British researcher at Sboncen Research Institute of Wales, declares that: “[…] we need to imagine its microscopic structure, not as a round object, but rather a grid-like structure. A great and eloquent example would be the soccer goal net. If it was round and with that so-called crown, it wouldn’t have good adhesion to the mucus linings of the body, rolling back out. Instead just because it’s flat, the <<crown>> or, more precisely, the external layer of proteins act like multiple adhesive suckers. It’s just like when a fly gets caught in a spider web. Only this time, we’re talking about a virus and a human.”

Supporters of these claims talk about renaming the virus, in the name of accuracy.

“If you ask me, its aspect makes me think of a wrinkled coverlet. Hence, I think we should name it Coverletvirus. Not only that we have a better name, but we don’t even need to change the scientific COVID-19 name”, concludes Alf Brødreskift, a pneumology doctor from Oslo.

It’s important that during this period we have to expose ourselves as little as possible. Doctors recommend us to avoid crowded places, to carefully and thoroughly wash our hands with soap and water. We also need to avoid touching our eyes and face. If you feel sick, wear a mask and go to the nearest infectious disease center for an investigation. Spherical or not, the Coronavirus is dangerous!

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