Five reasons why it’s nice to be a single woman


We, single women, our society’s most complicated gender since the beginning of times. If you think women can’t live without men you might be in for a surprise. Women like Queen Elisabeth I, known as the ” Virgin Queen “, made history in a world full of men. By herself, both literally and figuratively. Now, I’m not going to tell you to be single for the rest of your lives because there are good men out there. I just want to show you that life is more than possible without them. So we have a gift for you… Five reasons why it’s nice to be a single woman!

Today, things are not really that…drastic, but we still can live perfectly fine without the opposite sex. Just think about it… you don’t excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to powder your nose anymore. No more fighting with him because he still hasn’t texted back. You don’t worry about your mother-in-law coming over and criticizing you over any little thing.

What else could you want from life?

You can have a decent sleep now! You’re a single woman, you can do whatever you want! Without having to give him your corner of the blanket, without anyone bothering you. You’re officially a free woman. And even if you don’t yet know what would make you choose the single life, we have five reasons why single looks better on you.

You have more time for yourself

If you thought the time you had before was enough when you were with him, you were wrong. Now you can go do your hair as many times as you want during the week. You can go out with your girls during the weekend since all of you are single anyway. Or you can just read a new book every day. You have time to put yourself first, to be free and happy surrounded by your skincare products and your cats.

You can throw your phone without a worry in the corner of the house, dress in those fluffy pyjamas. Order a pizza that you don’t have to eat like a princess and just forget the existence of your pesky boyfriend. You can just enjoy being a woman.

You don’t have to give anyone any explanations, because you’re a single woman.

Aren’t you tired of always having to explain yourself when you go out, to be questioned just like you’re three years old, where are you going and when are you coming back? Get rid of that stress and go wherever you want and with whoever you want. No stress that your boyfriend will call you every half hour that passes when you’ve already told him you’d be done in 5 minutes!

There’s no need for someone to keep pestering you, you can handle yourself. You’re no one’s puppet.

Or maybe you’ve had a bad day and all you want is a little silence. We need alone time to think. Get rid of having to give useless explanations to anyone and enjoy your evening without fighting him over the remote YET again because he’s watching football on blast.

You can stop buying expensive gifts

Let’s be serious, everyone thinks about this when we are with someone, we want to deliver the perfect gift. Something they never got before and won’t after you. And for this, you need… money. Plenty of them. Sometimes the money you’ve saved up and it’s hard to not spend them on makeup, clothes, that expensive pair of shoes…

You can use that money for yourself, to get that nice perfume that you’ve been eyeing for weeks or that beautiful pair of earrings. You wouldn’t get those things because you’d always be saving up for gifts. Now, everything is yours.

Girl’s night stopped being like it used to when a guy decided to join

Oh, men, never letting us have at least one night just us girls. They always want to be the center of attention. Oh and what kind of center, surrounded by all your girlfriends.

Only alone can you take full advantage of a night out together with your best friends. You can jump on the good looking guy in the left corner of the bar. Simply put, you can come home whenever you want without worrying that someone will ask questions.

You’re better off alone than in an unhappy relationship

Many of us complicate relationships and honestly, they’re useless. Rather than staying alone in your room and crying, wouldn’t you rather run and fly? Read, sing, dance but don’t stay with someone who isn’t fit for you. When you’re alone you learn how to respect yourself. You learn that you’re beautiful and you deserve to be truly happy. As all women are.

Then, aren’t you happier alone? If you don’t know how to break up with him, we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should break up and 5 more lies men tell that changed our lives.

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Autori: Gabriela Luigia


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