Five plants to hang in your home


Any plant lover knows that at one point you run out of space for new plants in your home. So what do you do when you run out of windowsill space? Or when you don’t have any more tables to decorate with plants? Perhaps you can put some plants in odd places that don’t get much sunlight or maybe you can improvise and you can place some plants on top of your closet. However, sometimes you find the perfect spot – the only difference is that the plant needs to be hanged.  Here are five plants to hang in your home that are the perfect size for it and prefer to grow over and around the pot:

Chenille Plant

This beautiful ornamental plant has reddish-pink accents on its blooms. The flowers look like fluffy buds, which definitely catches anyone’s attention. The leaves are small but closely spaced.  The Chenille plant can be trained to grow upright, but it prefers growing horizontally. Normally it has a trailing form. When someone looks at plants to hang, they don’t expect a plant with bright, flashy blooms.

English Ivy plant

Commonly seen in many European countries, the English ivy is considered invasive. However, that doesn’t negate its beauty. It grows very quickly and needs to be pruned routinely. It can cover the ground, climb up to 25 meters or hang from nice ceramic pots. The striking deep green leaves give the plant its charm, but it can grow flowers as well. They have a faint green colour.

Boston Fern plant

Adorned with tiny leaves, the Boston fern plant extends in all directions. It’s versatile and it can be presented in any way. You can make it grow upwards or horizontally. Perhaps you want to let it grow in a bush-like manner. They obviously do well in hanging baskets or pots as well.

String of pearls plant

As suggested by its name, this succulent looks like it grows bright green pearls, closely tied to each other. The “pearls” are its leaves, which are pea-sized. Although it looks good cultivated as a hanging plant, it forms a ground cover in its natural habitat. It can produce white flowers that have a pleasant smell.

Photos plant

One of the easiest plants to grow, the Photos plant is a wonderful vine that brings colour to any decor. It has decently sized leaves that can have varying shades of green. They are heart-shaped. It’s famous for withstanding under-watering or over-watering regularly. It doesn’t mind direct light. It does well under indirect light or fluorescent light and in shade as well.

These were five plants to hang in your home. They’re all considered easy plants to grow and care for, but it’s good to research each plant’s needs. Even though they all do well as hanging plants, you should take some down from time to time depending on the environment they’re in. Hopefully, these suggestions will help enrich your garden or your home.


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