5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

These five houseplants are suitable for every brown thumbed plant enthusiast out there. If you want to start growing some indoor plants but don’t know how to begin, look no further than this. After all, growing an indoor garden doesn’t require anything more than enthusiasm, passion, and a little dedication.

1.Aloe Vera

After growing this houseplant indoors for almost twelve years now, I have come to the conclusion that it is immortal. If a meteor hit the face of the Earth, the Aloe Vera plants all around the globe would be the sole survivors of the catastrophe. This houseplant requires very little water and full sun, although it can do well in partial shade as well.

5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

It is one of my most drought-tolerant houseplants and it won’t even notice if you forget to water it once in a while. In fact, during the cold season, Aloe Vera barely needs any water at all. Watering it once a month during winter would be ideal. If you really want your Aloe to thrive and are ready to invest, plant it in cactus potting mix and fertilize it with cactus or succulent fertilizer once every 3 months.

  1. Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

This houseplant is a bit harder to care for than Aloe, as it can rot easily, but as long as it is placed in free-draining soil and watered carefully, it will thrive. This very aesthetically pleasing houseplant with deep green, banded leaves can tolerate low light and a bit of drought. Water your Snake Plant whenever the soil has completely dried out, and fertilize it with cactus fertilizer during the growing season. However, the Snake Plant is toxic to cats and dogs so if you have a glutton pet, it might be best to place it out of their reach.  All in all, Sansevieria is a very versatile houseplant, perfect for beginners.

3.Peace Lily

I had to include this one, the drama queen of my little indoor jungle. The Peace Lily has nice green, glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers. This houseplant adores bright indirect light, although it can tolerate low light as well, but never full sun. It is a very dramatic plant, as its leaves drop suddenly every time it needs water. After its needs have been met, it perks right up in a matter of hours or even minutes. The Peace Lily loves humidity and it usually grows near rivers in nature. This is why, if you live in a more humid area, you might not need to water your houseplant as much.

5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

However, if you live in a dry area, water it each week or when the top of the soil has dried out. The only thing that can kill a peace lily is caring too much for it. If you just let it do its thing and water it when it throws a tantrum, you should be in the clear. Lastly, the Peace Lily is mildly toxic to animals so you might want to watch out for that.

  1. Ginseng

I had to throw a ficus in because I know a lot of people want to get started on caring for them but have no idea where to begin. The ginseng is the ideal houseplant for bonsai enthusiasts. It is like ‘the emo kid’ of the bonsai family. It has beautiful aerial roots and bright green leaves. Ginseng loves the heat and thrives in bright, indirect light. Make sure to water it moderately, when the top of the soil dries out and trim it every once in a while, but don’t overdo it. Just trim two or three leaves here and there once you notice new growth.

As for fertilizing, I found that my Ginseng does very well without it, but you can fertilize it every two weeks in summer and once a month in winter, but only if the growth continues throughout the cold season.

5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

  1. The Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is easier to grow than a pet rock. If you have a very brown thumb, but still want to grow a houseplant, this is the one you are looking for. As long as you don’t go overboard on the watering and let it sit in well-drained soil, the spider plant will do just fine. This houseplant enjoys bright indirect light and can tolerate drought really well.

The most rewarding thing about this bush-like plant is that it actually makes tiny little babies called spiderettes. The spiderettes are easy to propagate and you can give them to your friends and loved ones as gifts.

I really hope you found this guide helpful and you will start to successfully grow your indoor garden as well. Caring for houseplants is a very rewarding hobby and I just hope it brings you as much joy and peace as it has brought me.

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