Fitness 101: 5 savvy tips to get you on the right track 


Having a fitness routine incorporated into your daily life can do wonders for your health. However, the majority of people seem to show a struggle in maintaining it or not even having a clue how to kick things off. Here are some helpful tips on how to start you off on the right foot.  

Set up a good meal plan  

First things first, your meal plan can make or break your fitness journey. You have probably heard about the 80/20 rule of thumb which refers to the fact that the workout part contributes only around 20% to the equation, while nutrition the rest 80%. Don’t get me wrong. Exercise plays a huge role in the process of getting your body healthy. However, eating smart is what will actually help you cross the finish line.

Think of it this way: after each workout session, your body will need fuel in order to do the same thing again next time. Thus, it is of extreme importance that this fuel contains a rich variety of nutrients that will help you recover faster and give you the energy to carry on with the training.   

Get your goals straight  

Take your time and think about what you wish to accomplish. Whether you are doing it for recreational or health purposes, get your mindset in the right place and set the goals you want to target. This will not only keep you on the right track with your fitness journey but will also motivate you to keep on going. 

Be consistent with your workouts  

Once you have finished the first two steps, you are ready to start with training. To see results it is crucially important to be consistent with what you do. Of course, they will be days when you will feel physically exhausted and mentally drained and going to the gym would be the last thing you would want to do. You can take those days off, but make sure you don’t make a habit out of it.

Whenever you are feeling blue and are not in the mood for a workout, go out, take a walk, or any kind of physical activity that will help you keep up. You would be surprised how a workout can actually put you in a great mood.  

Find exercises you enjoy doing  

Doing exercises you truly enjoy plays a big role in being consistent. If you are working with a trainer, let them know you feel about the workout plan and ask them to accommodate it to your preferences. My advice is to try out as many workout routines as possible – pilates, yoga, cross-fit, jogging to name a few. That way you will find something you are comfortable with and looking forward to. 

Don’t overdo it  

Instead of doing intensive training, which will only cause your body to break down, do a moderate workout twice to three times a week. Just like with most things in life, the most efficient fitness routine is based on sustainability. Bringing your body to the verge of exhaustion will only make it harder for you to recover and will certainly not get you faster to your goal. 





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