Firefly – The wasted potential (a spoiler free-review)


So, let’s talk about Firefly! Firefly will always be a picture of wasted potential. The TV show takes place 500 years in the future. Humans were forced to leave Earth due to a lack of resources and they form new colonies on the many moons and planets of a new solar system. The central planets decided to form what became the alliance who decided that all other planets had to join under their rule.

However, the more outer rim planets known as the independents fought against this, erupting in a civil war. Cult-favorite Nathan Fillion plays Malcolm Reynolds, who fought in the war alongside his comrade Zoe Washburne and they lost, so now the alliance rules the galaxy. Fast forward a few years later and Malcolm has formed a little ragtag space crew who sailed the galaxy doing cargo runs, smuggling and getting into all sorts of illegal trades, and this links to a bunch of explosive misadventures and mysterious encounters.

Firefly isn’t so much a sci-fi TV show as it is a Western action sort of series

It was actually really original for its time, mashing those two genres together to create interesting worlds and atmospheres. Unfortunately, its niche genre resulted in a niche fan base which we all know isn’t the brightest sign of new seasons to come.

But the network wasn’t innocent the whole ordeal either. It scheduled the show on Friday nights which is basically like sending a show to its grave and its marketing campaigns were also a huge flop, given that they were trying to sell the show like some wacky comedy, and to be fair it does have Wheaton’s signature humor in parts but that definitely isn’t the true spirit of the show. So people who wanted to tune in to a Friday night sitcom were disappointed. But probably their greatest sin was airing episodes out of order.

A lot of people are quick to call it a live-action version of Cowboy Bebop and I’m not sure if I can completely vouch for that, seeing the first two episodes of the anime it does have a few minor differences and you know at least the anime got an ending. The good news is that Firefly did wrap up their story with a movie titled Serenity, and they also had a line of comic books that sort of filled in the gaps of the rest of the story.

So if you can’t already tell, I do highly recommend Firefly for anyone looking for a compelling TV experience, I promise that there is something in it for everyone, from the witty dialogue, to the fast-paced action scenes and the sci-fi elements, or the world-building.


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