“Firefly Lane” – Book Review

Firefly lane
Firefly lane

“Firefly Lane”, by Kristin Hannah, appeared in Litera Publishing House. It was translated in Romanian by Georgescu Valentina, while the original’s language is English. The main motifs are friendship and mutual support, while the action follows the story of two friends, Kate and Tully.

How did this book end up in my library?

I wanted it for quite a long time, and, in October, a ride to Iași was a good excuse to buy the book. Iași is the beautiful capital of Moldavia (Romania) and I couldn’t leave without a memento. My memento became someone else’s gift.  While I was reading the description and glossing over pages, my thoughts wandered off to the person I love and who is one of the best friends ever. So, I wrote two or three good wishes on the first page and then I gifted it before reading it.

How does the book start?

Like in all the books aimed at teenagers, there has to be a popular girl as well as a shy one, who magically become friends. Kate and Tully are the main characters and best friends by trade. They end up together because of the most beautiful magic, namely, understanding.

Tully, who has led a quiet life until 14 with her grandmother, moves with her mother to Firefly Lane. Kate, who has a lovely family and a mother always ready to listen to her, is taken away by the appearance of her new neighbor. They end up being friends because of one of Tully’s less inspired choices. Tully will finally find peace alongside Kate, who’s willing to offer friendship to anyone.

Who is Tully?

Tully is the little girl raised by her grandmother, and who is waiting for mommy every day. Even though grandma and grandpa gave her all the love she needed, when mommy shows up, nothing can kill little girl’s excitement. She is excited to spend time with the one who, in her mind, has the attribute of a perfect mom. But, unfortunately, she will find out that everything isn’t how she imagined. She will end up at her grandparents again.  But, when Tully’s mother decides that Tully’s place is with her and they will move somewhere else, she’ll meet her best friend for the next 30 years.

Kate will be at her side more than the one pretending to be her mother.

Who is Kate?

Kate wants to be like Tully from the first moment she sees her. For Kate, Tully exhales trust, beauty, and courage through every pore. All the while she was the shy girl without friends.  From the moment Tully comes into her life, Kate finally knows the feeling of adrenaline. She knows what it means to be the popular girl and is always ready for an adventure on Firefly Lane.

What makes this book so special to me?

The fact that friendship is super important for me and I think that everyone has that friend to which they run to and tell them everything. The one who they can always call in the middle of the night, whose support is everything. Finding all of that transposed in a book hits deep. This, corroborated with my desire to read the book, makes everything easier to feel. Every event in the book was associated in my mind with something that happened to me and that brought my friends closer.

What should determine you to read the book?

For me, the title has been the primary reason. I knew that I would like it before it reached my hands. I let myself charmed by ‘Firefly Lane” before stepping on it. Maybe you aren’t the kind of person who leaves themselves bought by the title. Perhaps the story will motivate you. A story of friends forever, their love, the drama, the pain, the reasons that make them be there for one another.

The quotes that drew my attention: “It’s never good to sit around and wait for someone or something to change your life” and “ Love can be more fragile than a bird’s bone.”

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Author: Retegan Ana-Maria

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