Feminism: the harsh truth and misconceptions


We all heard about feminism. There are so many people who are against it, but why? A lot of individuals claim that feminism took away many important aspects of their life. They feel threatened, close to despair. And seems like they are big fans of Beyoncé because they are stating girls run the world in reality. How are their fears fueled? And how can we understand them? Let me explain it all to you!

What is feminism in reality?

Let’s take the time machine and go back to the late 1800s – early 1900s. This is when the “feminine, feminist, female” waves began, especially in literature. Women, like many other minorities, were treated as human dolls who could bear children. If a woman was sexually assaulted, it was because she seduced the man, if she was beaten it was because she provoked the man, if she tried to emancipate, to get a job, and have her own independence, she was insane. Oh, and let’s not forget the phallocentrism and how the penis was seen as something worthy, rational, and powerful.


Weird times, right? Over the decades the situation got better. Women, mostly in the western part of the world (although there are some exceptions) are finally treated like humans…most of the time. There are still a lot of problems that do not affect only women, but men as well. Feminism is trying to balance this. Women can be as smart and independent as men, without being “bossy” and men can be as vulnerable and emotional as women, without being “weak”.

Then, why the misconception?

It’s because of the extremes, hunger for control, and fear of losing. Both femi-nazis (the extreme and nonsensical “parody” of feminism) and red-pillers (those who think that women are in control) caused this misunderstanding. Yes, there are a lot of men who are victims and women who are predators or criminals. But evil knows no gender. Men or women, we are all humans. And are really women in control? With the whole domestic abuse, sexual assaults, and pressure to be quiet and obedient, that affects the huge majority of women?


Imagine if you are constantly forced to wear skirts, marry young, not allowed to ride bicycles, drive a car, cut your hair, vote, be anything else but a stay-at-home parent, to name a few. And every time you are beaten or sexually assaulted, you are blamed. Blamed for what you were wearing, how you looked, how you didn’t please your partner… This was and still is the reality of many women, especially in rural and underdeveloped areas.

Feminism is fighting for these women, for the men who want to escape the rigid box of radical gender roles, and for anyone who just wants to be treated as humans. Men experience discrimination, negative stereotypes, and abuse as well. It’s not about just the women, it’s about humans.

We didn’t even mention the female genital mutilation, human trafficking and homicides that are real and happen right now. To shorten this: the true aim of feminism is for men and women to live a normal life. Women should not be afraid of being alone, men should not be accused they are all the same and humans should not be separated. This does not mean women should not be responsible for their actions. Every mentally healthy adult should be held accountable for their mistakes. Nobody wants a separated society for women or for men, or a society where women should make men slaves, that’s not how equity or equality works.


The images of these maniac femi-nazis who want to exterminate men do not represent feminism. It’s as if you are trying to compare a man who wants to be treated as a human with a man who wants to get rid of anyone who does not have the exact same ideals as him. Men need women and women need men, humans need other humans

Is the problem that big?

Well, yes, it is. From the women who are abused and told that this is normal, to the men who are thought that is the norm, hundreds of millions are affected. An analysis from 2018 with data from 2000 to 2018 in 161 countries, conducted by WHO (World Health Organization) showed that one in three women were subject to abuse (such as domestic violence, sexual assault, etc.)


How can you help? Simple! Whether you are a man or a woman, keep your emotions under control, come with rational, calm, and concrete arguments whenever people contradict you. Be respectful, but not quiet. Stop the vicious cycle where you can: teach boys that violence and aggression are not the answer, teach girls to be brave and talk about the abuse, teach humans how to be kind. It’s hard and abuse will not go down very soon, but feminism seeks improvements. Now, tell me, do you still think feminism is bad?


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